Paola is one of our case managers, so she works with clients from the conclusion of the intake process through to the end of treatment. She prides herself on her thorough and prompt communication; she always makes sure to get back to clients in a timely manner.

Paola originally hails from the great state of Texas in a small border town called Del Rio. She enjoyed growing up there as you could just “pop over the border” for lunch or dinner. Now that she lives in Chicago, she really misses this experience and the great dining options that being so close to Mexico provided. Paola does note that while there were plenty of food options to choose from, the career options were more limited. So, she first moved to San Antonio to attend a Radiology Tech program and then worked in a pain management clinic. This experience is of great benefit to our clients, as she can offer them the “inside scoop” on their treatment plans.

When Paola met her husband, the pair moved to Chicago, but she still visits Texas often and she and her husband make the 18 hour trip a few times a year. They enjoy the road trip, always making sure to stop at Texas staple Buc-ee’s. But, since the drive is so long, they don’t have the chance to visit too many other roadside attractions because one of them is typically asleep.

When they aren’t on a road trip, Paola and her husband enjoy thrift shopping and visiting garage and rummage sales. Paola has a great eye for hidden gems and even furnished most of her home with restored items. She’s a true HGTV star in the making. She also likes going out dancing with her husband and watching true crime shows and documentaries, although sometimes they do get a little too scary for her.

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