Radiation Overdose Lawyers in Illinois

Medical Malpractice

Radiation is an unavoidable eventuality for individuals who have to go into a hospital either for screening or as an adjunct to their cancer treatment. While radiation is essential for aggressive cancers and produces good results, it can be dangerous and even fatal if a person is overexposed to these harmful radio waves. Our Illinois medical malpractice lawyers have handled numerous medical malpractice claims over the years, and have recovered tens of millions for past clients. As a patient going in to see a medical professional, you are owed a standard of care which should in essence keep you reasonably safe even as you receive radiation or use instruments that require the transmission of radiation to see into the human body.

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How Safe is Radiation as an Imagining and Cancer Treatment Tool?

MRI tests as well as similar imaging scans use ionized radiation in order to come up with images of organs that cannot be seen conventionally. In addition, radiation is used to target cancer cells so they can self destruct. However, radiation treatment isn’t a guarantee, and a lot of times, individuals suffer a worsening of their cancer or end up with new cancer cells, particularly if this radiation is administered indiscriminately.

Radiation Overdose Symptoms

Radiation overdose may start off discreetly, but it builds up to a terrifying crescendo over time. Individuals exposed to too much radiation in Illinois hospitals will notice headaches, fever, nausea, dizziness, hair loss, fatigue, lowered blood pressure as well as vomiting and visible skin burns. The pain associated with radiation exposure is excruciating, and it must be resolved as fast as possible to keep the patient stable.

Some of the factors that contribute to radiation overdose include:

  • The presence of software bugs in hospital radiation machines
  • The failure of hospitals to train and develop sufficient safety protocols to ensure the safe operation of their radiation machines
  • Little to no operating system in place when it comes to patient harm by defective or error-filled new technology
  • Negligent medical professionals with limited experience when it comes to treating patients
  • Lax or non-existent radiation laws in most states when it comes to hiring and training of radiation personnel.

Illinois Radiation Overdose  Lawyers – Call For Free Legal Help Now!

Radiation overdose is a preventable medical mistake with its roots in institutional negligence. If you or a loved one became a victim, you may be eligible for compensation. Our experienced radiation injury lawyers in Chicago have dedicated their careers to helping the men and women in Illinois, and they can help you and your loved ones too. Please call our Illinois radiation overdose attorneys NOW at 1 (773) 825-3547 to receive your free legal consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.