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The birth of a child is a joyous event, as it signifies the entry of a new life into this world. Nothing is without risk, and labor can go wrong pretty fast, which is why mothers-to-be are encouraged to go to a hospital for the birth of their loved ones. Birth injuries in our hospitals usually happen due to negligence, which, loosely defined, is the failure of an individual to act in a manner that is considered reasonable given the circumstances to prevent an injury from occurring.

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How Shoulder Dystocia Occurs

Shoulder dystocia is a condition where a baby’s shoulder gets stuck within the mother’s womb during delivery. Negligent doctors usually forcefully try to get the baby out of the womb, and into the uterus, causing the stretching, compression or tearing of sensitive and underdeveloped nerves found in the baby’s shoulder. Dystocia usually occurs when the baby’s shoulder gets stuck behind the mother’s pubic bone, and it should be anticipated by competent doctors even before the birthing process commences.

Here are some risk factors that may precede shoulder dystocia:

  • Gestational diabetes in the mother
  • Maternal obesity
  • A smaller than usual pelvis
  • Post-term pregnancy
  • Macrosomia
  • Having a history of giving birth to large babies

Shoulder Dystocia Prevention

This means that doctors should perform a thorough assessment of the mother’s history to eliminate or minimize these risk factors to prevent shoulder dystocia from happening. This can be in the form of numerous prenatal visits, the issuing of sonogram images as well as asking the mother-to-be vital questions about the incidence of high risk births in her family.

Shoulder Dystocia Complications

Shoulder dystocia may develop into Erb’s Palsy, a form of cerebral palsy which presents as weakness in one arm or part of the body that usually lasts a lifetime. Caring for a child with Erb’s Palsy is expensive, and we see no reason why you should foot the cost of such an endeavor when the negligent actions of a doctor caused your child’s shoulder dystocia.

In addition to harming the child, improper birthing techniques and the failure to monitor the mother-to-be prior to labor and delivery may harm the mother by putting her at risk for uterine rupture, lacerations and hemorrhaging.

How We Can Help – Best Birth Injury Attorneys

We will work with you by having you give us a testimony of what happened leading up to the birth injury. Our attorneys will then investigate the issue by asking pertinent questions such as whether the hospital asked sufficient questions to discover whether you were at risk for the condition, whether improper forceps or vacuum pump use played a role, and if a C-section was not done in a timely manner which could have saved your baby’s nerves.

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