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Birth Injury

A birth defect can be devastating for parents and other family members as well as mean a life of pain and sometimes, disability for the child. Spina bifida is a neural tube defect which affects the spine and spinal cord in utero where these two structures don’t fuse or close properly, leading to the baby being born with an outer sack in the back filled with fluid, nerves and tissue. Spina bifida is a birth injury because it can be easily diagnosed via ultrasound and doctors can make life-saving decisions such as performing intrauterine surgery in order to correct the issue. Spina bifida may lead to paralysis below the defect, and many children born with this condition may need multiple surgeries as well as face the risk of infections, seizures and other health complications for many years to come. To this end, it is vital that you get the justice and compensation your child needs so they can get the care they deserve into the future.

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Here are the main types of spina bifida:

  1. Spina bifida oculta – This is a mild form of the birth injury, and many children diagnosed with this variant go on to live normal lives
  2. Meningocele – in this form, the membranes that protect the spinal cord jut out in-between vertebrae, forming a circular sac in the area where it protrudes out of the child’s back
  3. Myelomeningocele – this is an open type of spina bifida, and it presents as a long area of the spine being open and exposed. In this variant of the condition, the nerves of the spinal cord as well as the membranes that protect it are fully exposed via an opening in the back

Spina bifida can cause the following complications:

  1. Paralysis
  2. Bladder and bowel complications
  3. Skin issues
  4. Various allergies
  5. Skin apnea
  6. Orthopedic issues
  7. Movement issues

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Because spina bifida can be diagnosed during pregnancy, one can argue that physician negligence led to its development. Misdiagnosis, failure to carry out extensive testing, failure to perform ultrasound, failure to operate on the baby prior to birth are all forms of negligence that will enable you to file a spina bifida birth defect lawsuit. Please give us a call NOW at (773) 825-3605 to learn more about your legal options. Thanks, and we look forward to helping you.