Suing City Councils In Illinois Now Possible – More Inside

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With corruption and the misallocation of funds becoming commonplace in city councils across Illinois, it’s not uncommon for basic amenities in numerous cities to be left unrepaired or unattended to for long periods of time. This then leads to cracked sidewalks, uneven paths, dangerous electrical wiring and unsafe public spaces. If you get injured while using these amenities, would it be possible to sue the city of Chicago for your injuries and negligence?

Are you looking for a best injury attorney in Chicago to help you file your claim against the city of Chicago? If you tripped and fell on a sidewalk that’s seen better days, or if your loved one was involved in an accident due to malfunctioning traffic lights, or were hurt at a public space such as a park, it may be possible to file an Illinois personal injury lawsuit. Our Chicago attorneys have a total of 70 years fighting for the people of Illinois and neighboring states so they can receive compensation to help them rebuild their lives. Need answers to your basic legal questions, or just want to know if you have a valid case? Call us NOW at 1 (773) 825-3547 to receive your FREE consultation into city council lawsuits in Chicago or any other city in Illinois.

Supreme Court Issues Landmark Ruling in Illinois Injury Case

Last year, the Illinois Supreme Court issued a ruling in response to a case, stating that the legal immunity city governments have been enjoying for decades now is not applicable in all circumstances, and that it is not absolute. The case in question was then sent back to trial court so it could be retried. In the end, the lower court judge from whence it originated stated that the city must be held accountable in the trip and fall incident involving a Danville resident, thereby setting a legal precedent for future cases against the city government to be tried. The Supreme Court upheld its ruling due to two legal principles: reasonable foreseeability and the Danville city council’s inability to prove that their failure to fix the sidewalk was as a result of policy or decision-making.

City Council Lawsuits in Illinois – There’s a Catch

The case above now makes it possible for you to sue the city council in whichever city you live in Illinois. However, there are rules you must abide by: you must file a notice within a one year window from the date of your injury, and you can only recover up to $100,000 in terms of compensation regardless of the overall cost of the accident or injury.

City Negligence Injury Lawyers in Chicago – Call Us Now!

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