Surgical Errors and Medical Malpractice Claims

Medical Malpractice

Physicians, particularly surgeons, undergo intense training lasting over a decade due to the sensitive nature of their work. Not many make the cut, and surgeons that spend their days in the operating room are considered to be the best of the best in their domain. As a result, there is no room for error, because the tiniest bit of negligence may mean the loss of a life. Our surgical malpractice attorneys empathize with families who may have lost their loved ones due to surgical errors or had their lives completely turned upside down due to a negligent surgeon. There are no guarantees in the medical profession, but doctors still have to adhere to a certain standard of care that they must subject all their patients to to ensure their safety and wellbeing while on the operating table.

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Deviation of Care and Surgical Error Claims

According to the law as well as medical tenets, surgeons are not explicitly responsible for bad outcomes or complications arising out of a medical procedure. However, should injury or a death occur due to their errors which resulted from deviations in standard of care, they must be held accountable via the filing of a surgical errors lawsuit.

It is important to ensure that you understand the difference between medical mistakes and a poor outcome. Some medical errors may be so blatant that they warrant further investigations, and that is where we come in.

These include:

  • Operating on the wrong organ or body part
  • Punctured or cut organs which were not supposed to be touched during the procedure
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Surgical instruments being left in the patient’s body
  • Post-operative infections

Surgical Error Events “Should Never Happen”

It is important to note that surgical errors should not happen, and are thus called “never events”. That being said, they continue to happen due to a number of factors such as surgeons rushing through a procedure, showing up to work inebriated, not taking into account a patient’s medical history, or poor communication between them and the patient.

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