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Surgeries are becoming more common these days, in part due to massive marketing and advertising efforts by hospitals all over Illinois, as well as the increase in injuries, disease and procedures that the populace finds themselves sustaining, acquiring or desiring. Surgery is a very complicated and sensitive medical procedure which demands the utmost in hygiene as well as exceptional post-operative care. Infections after a surgery in Chicago hospitals should be non-events given the high standards to which surgeons are held; that being said, they happen, and more often than not, they are due to negligence, and are completely preventable.

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It is estimated that over 200 people die, and thousands suffer life-altering complications due to surgical site infections each day. Surgeons and their medical assistants usually are required to implement a surgical checklist in order to prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses and other infectious agents after the successful completion of a procedure. As a top medical malpractice law firm in Illinois, we will employ various measures so we can review the protocols surgeons had in place to not only treat, but to also prevent infections when going over a client’s claim.

Here are some of the instances that may lead to a surgical site infection:

  • Improper aftercare – leaving the patient exposed to an environment that is unclean, with staff not taking the appropriate measures to ensure that your dressings and wounds are cleaned in a sufficient manner
  • Using contaminated supplies or surgical told due to negligent or improper cleaning of these implements
  • Rushing recovery and closing wounds or sutures too fast before the wound has had a chance to fully close up. In addition, we’ve had instances of hospitals discharging patients before they’re ready to go home to start recovering.

Failure To Diagnose and Treat Surgical Site Infections

It is important that your doctor diagnoses and treats and infection in a timely manner. Sometimes, infections still occur, but legal liability begins when a doctor doesn’t act in a manner that is reasonably prompt when it comes to diagnosing and treating an infection.

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