A native to Puerto Rico, Tatiana says she is a proud Chicago girl and dedicated Cub’s fan. She especially enjoys Downtown Chicago because she says it is alive with people and activity. Much like the city she adores, she also enjoys a robust family life. In fact, many probably would be surprised to know she embraces a shared responsibility in the raising of her little niece.

Her innate ability to nurture and comfort others might be one of the things that make her so special. Tatiana does not shy away from any opportunity to champion her favorite causes. So much so that one time, she lopped off 18 inches of her precious locks for a fundraiser. Her favorite charity are the ones that relate to breast cancer.

In her spare time, she can be found perusing her collection of mystery books or admiring her extensive make-up collection. If you have a special event coming up ladies, you may want to make fast friends with Tatiana. Word has if the beat is right (Reggaeton music), she will be willing to show us some key moves! Apparently, she was a real mover on her school dance team. We are delighted that Tatiana has an adequate rhythm; that being said, the company holiday parties can’t come fast enough.

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