Testosterone Therapy Injury – Were You Affected?

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Testosterone is a hormone that occurs naturally in the human body, and it is thought to be responsible for sexuality, the growth of hair, aggression and muscle growth and definition. As men age, testosterone hormone drops and this can lead to things like fatigue, hair loss, lack of interest in sex, and even depression. Testosterone replacement therapy has been marketed heavily over the last decade to help men struggling with the effects of low T, as it’s called. While effective, testosterone therapy is not without its risks. In addition, testosterone hormone manufacturers as well as physicians have oversold the benefits of this drug, making it seem like it is perfect and has no side-effects, and that it is safe for everyone. The truth, however, is a stark contrast from the fantasy in marketing.

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Here are some of the risks associated with low-T therapy:

  • Increase in body fat
  • Osteoporosis or brittle bones
  • Body hair decrease
  • A change in one’s cholesterol levels
  • Anemia as well as hemoglobin abnormalities
  • Heart attacks
  • Strokes
  • An increase in clot formation

Some of the common testosterone drugs in the market include:

  1. Androgel
  2. Axiron
  3. Androderm
  4. Testim

Testosterone can be injected, taken as a pill, or worn as a patch and even slathered on as a gel. Testosterone makers market these products heavily in the media, and doctors often receive kickbacks in order to recommend these products to their patients.

Is Testosterone Therapy Safe?

Testosterone therapy has inherent risks given the fact that the body’s hormones naturally dip as one gets older. Adding a foreign chemical such as testosterone may increase one’s blood pressure as well as lead to deep vein thrombosis, a condition where clots form in the deeply-situated veins in the legs and aorta. In addition, men that take testosterone boosting products are at risk of polycythemia or the production of too many blood cells which cause the former condition.

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