Tips on Filing a Successful Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawsuit

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Breast cancer affects over 250,000 women each year, and its prognosis isn’t the best: most women who contract this type of cancer will go on to suffer another episode many years down the line, or will have the cancer spread or metastasize to other areas of the body such as the lungs, bones or the liver. Breast cancer can be genetic, so it is important for your doctor to ask all the right questions when taking your medical history so he or she can take preemptive measures before it is too late. Breast cancer lawsuits usually are filed due to a patient rightfully believing that the doctor either failed to use preventative measures such as recommending and going through with a lumpectomy, or mastectomy, or having the patient go through radiation and chemotherapy in within the first few weeks of diagnosis so it can be dealt with and resolved in a timely manner.

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Even though the number of women dying from breast cancer has decreased since 1989 due to growing awareness of the condition, many still do not get the timely treatment they deserve. Early detection programs have been used to successfully inform women on the importance of examining their breasts every other month to see if they may have any lumps that need to be checked out. A breast biopsy will tell you whether the lump is benign or malignant; if it is the latter, your oncologist may suggest that you either undergo a lumpectomy as well as chemo or radiation, or a mastectomy if they believe that that’s the best course of action to take. That being said, up to a quarter of all breast biopsies carried out are plagued by diagnostic errors, making it possible that a lump which was indeed cancerous was left to take root and turn into full blown cancer.

Breast Cancer Lawyers – Standard of Care Breach Must Be Present

It is worth noting that just because you have a breast cancer misdiagnosis or late misdiagnosis doesn’t mean that you have a case. Doctors are held to a standard of care which they must abide by and is dictated by what other physicians would have reasonably done had they been in your doctor’s shoes. If they breached this standard of care, for instance, by not performing a biopsy, performing it too late, mixing up lab results, not referring you to a surgeon, not scheduling a mammogram screening regularly, not inquiring about your family history, and so on, resulting in a breast cancer diagnosis, leading to your falling sick, requiring surgery, losing out on work wages and family time, scarring, permanent disability, you may be able to file a breast cancer misdiagnosis lawsuit.

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Breast cancer lawsuit settlement amounts vary, with figures going all the way up to $900,000 or more for a wrongful death claim due to cancer misdiagnosis or late diagnosis. As no two cases are alike, it’s important to speak with an attorney so they can provide you with expert and specialized legal advice that’s in line with your unique circumstances and needs. Please give us a call NOW at 1 (773) 825-3547 to learn more about lawsuit for misdiagnosed breast cancer. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.