Walmart Recalls 246,000 Axes Due To Detachment Hazard


Over 240,000 camp axes bought by customers from Walmart stores around the country have been recalled due to a detachment hazard. The axes in question were manufactured by The Ozark Trail Company. The axes are said to have been sold both in-person and from online stores such as and

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Ozark Trail Camp Axe Recall Details

The axe being recalled is 14 inches long from axe head to handle, and weighs about 1.3 pounds. It also has a rubber grip to eliminate slippage, and comes fitted with a claw feature. To be sure that you have the right axe, please look for the model number 60111140 on the packaging that came with the product. While there have been no serious injuries attributed to the detaching of the head of the ax, Walmart has received two reports of these axes causing abrasions and minor cuts from customers. The axes were sold from January 2017 up until July 2018 for approximately $8. The manufacturer is Gardex, of India, and Walmart imported and distributed the item.

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