Werner Issues Ladder Recall in 2018

Defective Devices

Earlier this year, Werner issued a ladder recall notice when some of its aluminum ladders were found to be prone to falling. The models in question were those that belong to the telescoping ladders which can be adjusted to be used in 5 different positions. Approximately 78,000 ladders were affected, and they were sold between April 2018 to May 2018 at Lowe’s and Home Depot stores across the country.

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Here are the models that were affected by the recall:

  • MT-IAA-13A
  • MT-IAA-17A
  • MT-IAA-22A
  • MT-IAA-26
  • MT-IAA-26A

Werner Ladder Recall – What To Do

The Werner ladder recall which was disseminated by the Consumer Safety Commission recommends that individuals who bought these ladders refrain from using them and return them to the store from whence they bought them in exchange for a full refund.

Ladder Recalls 2018 and Injury Statistics

The CDC or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention affirms that falls are one of the leading causes of deaths deemed unintentional across the country. In addition, falls from ladders have been shown by way of statistics to cause over 50 percent of all accident-related falls. On top of that, a fifth of all workers injured due to falls were on top of or using a ladder at the time of their accident.

Falls From Defective Ladders – Do I Have a Case?

Aluminum ladders, by the very nature of the weakness in this metal, can give way and break without warning if they possess an inherent defect. Some of the injuries associated with falls from ladders include broken arms, broken backs, head injuries, broken legs, fractures, hip injuries and lacerations. The extent of these injuries is usually contingent on the height of the fall as well as the area in which the accident occurred. Injuries arising out of a defective product are 100% preventable and are caused by inherent defects which should not exist if said product undergoes extensive safety testing.

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