What Is The Value of a Herniated Disc Claim in Illinois?

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A herniated disc refers to a painful spinal injury which causes a spongy structure within the spine to become misaligned and bulge out. This injury is commonly seen in rear end collisions, slip and falls and any form of injury where the back is involved and is not protected from violent forces. Herniated disc settlements are contentious issues, and as such, they should not be discussed with an insurance company given the long recovery period, unexpected surgeries, extended downtime and possible disability that individuals may face.

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Herniated Disc Injury – What Causes Them?

Spinal discs are a soft, gel-like substance which prevent the vertebra in our spines from rubbing together. Friction between bones can cause excruciating pain and even immobility due to lack of flexibility which these discs provide. At the moment of impact in an Illinois injury event, the energy from opposing forces may cause the spinal column and the structures found therein to rattle violently, displacing them. These soft, pulpous discs are especially vulnerable to displacement, and can only be reinsterted by way of surgery.

Herniated Disc Lawsuits – How Much Are They Worth?

The value of a herniated disc injury will vary according to a number of things. First, the extent of the injury will play into your total payout, whether negligence caused the slipped disc injury, the insurance cover amount and if they have one, the jurisdiction, as well as similar injuries suffered by other victims will all come together to inform the settlement value of a spinal disc injury.

It is interesting to note that you may be eligible for compensation by up to five times more than what you would expect if you were to suffer a spinal disc injury in, for example, an Illinois premises liability event, or due to Chicago business negligence lawsuits than if you sustained injuries in a car accident.

Herniated Disc Claims – Do Not Listen To Insurance Companies

Insurance companies will try to vigorously prove that you had a prior condition and that your claim is not worth what your spinal injury lawyer in Chicago is asking for. They will pull the preexisting symptomatology card in the hopes that your claim will be whittled down, and this will, from the get-go, frustrate any injured individual. That being said, plaintiff credibility usually takes precedence in whether you will be awarded full damages if we decide not to settle with the insurance adjusters due to the compelling evidence we’ve collated on your file. To this end, we will carry out depositions in order to make sure that you are ready for any pushback from the defendant’s counsel as well as the insurance company so that the jury believes your story, and ultimately awards you what you truly deserve in your herniated disc injury lawsuit.

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