Who Is Liable for My Bird & Lime Scooter Injuries?


Bird and Lime are some of the companies offering dockless electric scooters for individuals in metro city areas and major towns across the country. They are the affordable version of an oftentimes expensive Uber or Lyft ride, and they’ve become an instant hit with the younger generation. That being said, there are concerns about Bird scooter injuries when it comes to liability after word came out that the company does not accept liability for injuries sustained by riders or anyone else who may be hurt by a client riding an electric scooter.

Are you looking for a Bird scooter injury lawyer? If you were a rider who sustained injuries due to a malfunctioning electric scooter, or you are a pedestrian or motorist that got into an accident with one, we can help. These cases are new and therefore there are undefined legal lines with regard to compensation that you must work through with a bird scooter lawsuit attorney. Looking to talk to someone about bird scooter insurance, or would you like to file a bird scooter lawsuit? Contact us NOW at 1 (773) 825-3547 to speak with a bird scooter accidents law firm to find out the true value of your claim.

Electric Scooter Injuries in The News

Back in October 2018, Matt Kawiecki’s car got dented by electric scooters that had been carelessly or improperly parked next to the parking lot. Upon calling the company to figure out compensation, he received communication that the company, Bird, would only cover 25 percent of the damages to his vehicle, an amount totaling to $115.44. Mr. Kawiecki was insulted by this offer given the fact that repair estimates ran up to $450, and the reality of the company being worth $2 billion and counting. In a related event, a man was arrested after he nearly caused a crash with a police officer at the intersection of Pennsylvania Street and East Washington Street. Cole Dillon, 21, ignored a red light, resulting in the officer slamming on his car brakes to avert a crash. It was later discovered that Mr. Dillon was operating the scooter while intoxicated. Lastly, EMS medical director Dr. Dan O’Donnell told news outlets that his center was seeing Bird scooter riders coming in for collarbone injuries, concussions, broken wrists and facial injuries, and that it is only a matter of time before serious head injuries start occurring.

Lawyers for Electric Scooter Injuries – Call Us Now!

These news items just go to show how unsafe electric scooters are and their potential to cause serious harm to riders, motorists and pedestrians. When Bird scooter or Lime scooter representatives shirk their responsibility after such events, you must hold them accountable by speaking with an electric scooter injury lawyer. Need more information? Call our Bird scooter lawyer NOW at 1 (773) 825-3547 for your FREE and no-commitment consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.