How Will Helmet Laws Affect My Illinois Motorcycle Lawsuit?

Motorcycle Accidents

The reality is that whether you were wearing a bike helmet or not at the time of your Illinois motorcycle accident, settling these kinds of cases can take time and test anyone’s patience. A lot of riders don’t know this, but Illinois is one of the three states in the country that doesn’t have motorcycle helmet laws.

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What Does The Law Say?

Here’s the truth about motorcycle lawsuits in Chicago: despite the fact that you weren’t wearing a helmet and the accident wasn’t your fault on account of the other driver’s negligence, the judge may still hold you partially liable for the accident, meaning that you may have to share some of the responsibility in your Chicago injured motorcycle lawsuit with the defendant. While Chicago doesn’t have helmet laws, it nevertheless has what we call an “eye protection law” which loosely states that “…both passenger and driver must make use of goggles, glasses, or a transparent windshield,” as put forth by the Illinois Department of Transportation, or IDOT.

Motorcycle Helmet Safety

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, wearing a helmet lowers your risk of fatality by up to 50 percent. That said, proponents of no helmet laws in Illinois say that having riders wear helmet will reduce the number of riders on our roads, which will make it hard for car drivers to see the few riders who do venture out, thereby increasing accidents.

Comparative Fault in Chicago Motorcycle Accidents

As a plaintiff in an Illinois motorcycle injury lawsuit, you are required under law to exercise reasonable care for your own safety by wearing a helmet. The jury assigned to your case may apportion part of the blame on you because wearing one could be construed as your breaking this breach. Illinois is a comparative fault state, meaning that you may have to share liability for your Chicago motorcycle lawsuit with the other party depending on the percentage of fault allocated to you as a direct result of your actions.

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