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Medical Malpractice

Severe allergies and certain instances of idiopathic sinusitis may require surgery after all treatment options and avenues have been exhausted. An otolaryngologist, or an ENT, is a surgeon tasked with carrying out operations that target the sinus cavity to resolve these problems, remove cysts and other medical conditions that may make it difficult for an individual to breathe easily.

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Sinus Surgery – What To Expect

Sinus surgery may be necessary due to a congenital condition, or even an accident where the bones of the face are shattered by the blunt force trauma associated with a car accident or an individual slipping and falling. Upon being referred to a sinus surgery doctor, they will perform a physical exam to make sure you’re in the clear, and then order various imaging procedures to assess the extent of the injury. Once they have a clear picture of what they are facing, they can proceed with surgery. In addition, they are required to perform extensive medical tests and find out your medical history to discover if there are any hereditary factors that may predispose you to complications. Failure to do all of these constitutes negligence if something unexpected and physically or emotionally damaging occurs, leaving the surgeon and/or hospital open to sinus surgery malpractice.

Sinus surgery is ostensibly done to open up sinus passageways in order to let mucus and other fluids drain out in order for the patient to breathe easily. In the case of accidents, the sinus cavity is cleared of any shards of bone and sutured in areas where the cavity is punctured to prevent infections.

What Can Go Wrong With Sinus Surgery?

Some of the complications attributed to sinus surgery include:

  • Widespread bacterial infection
  • Leaking of the cerebrospinal fluid
  • Surrounding organ damage
  • Brain injury due to the surgical instruments used

It is important that your surgeon inform you of the potential risks you may face as a result of sinus surgery in order to assess the risks and benefits and opt to have alternatives if there are any before moving forward with a potentially risky procedure. In addition, given the risk for eye injuries as a result of sinus surgery, your physician should weigh the risks carefully and decide whether they should wait it out for your sinuses to heal on their own, or explore other treatment avenues.

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