Porter County Personal Injury Lawyer

Most people will, at some point in their lives, be unfortunate enough to suffer a personal injury. However, not all of these injuries are someone else’s fault. Many times, people are injured through either unavoidable acts of God or their own actions. When people become injured due to the negligence or intentional acts of others, though, they have the right to pursue financial restitution.

A Porter County personal injury lawyer could be dedicated to helping anyone who suffers injury through no fault of their own to collect the compensation that they deserve. If you have suffered an injury in an accident, contact a professional attorney today.

Basics of Personal Injury Cases

Most personal injury cases arise out of accidents in which the party responsible for the incident did not mean to cause any harm to anyone. In order to hold that person legally liable, the plaintiff simply needs to prove that the defendant’s actions directly caused their injuries. This is most commonly achieved by proving that the defendant was negligent.

Negligence is a legally recognized cause of action that allows injured people to hold the responsible parties legally liable for the damage that they cause. Negligence is commonly used as a cause of action in cases involving:

  • Car accidents
  • Commercial vehicle accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Slips and falls
  • Nursing home neglect
  • Pedestrian accidents

Deliberate Personal Injuries

Other personal injuries are the result of intentional acts. Almost universally, the defendants in these cases will also face criminal charges in addition to any civil ones. It is important to remember the outcome of any criminal case is independent of any civil claims.

For example, even if a defendant is convicted in criminal court, the judge in the case cannot order the defendant to pay damages to the injured person. Similarly, just because a defendant is acquitted in criminal court does not mean that a civil claim will not be successful.

Statute of Limitations

No matter the cause of the injuries, whether they are the result of an accident or a criminal act, there is a strict time limit that controls when a plaintiff can file a claim in court.

Indiana Code §34-11-2-4 provides plaintiffs only two years from the date of the injury to file a lawsuit. This is a short time frame and insurance companies are well aware of this law, but a skilled Perry County personal injury attorney could ensure that claims are filed on time.

Damages a Plaintiff Can Claim

At the center of any personal injury claim is, of course, an injury. An injury can be physical, but it can also be an emotional injury. Most of the time, personal injury cases involve both physical and mental injuries.

However, this does not mean that mental anguish cannot be a part of a claim. In fact, a thorough personal injury claim will often make allowances for both the physical and mental effects of the injury.

Plaintiffs can also claim damages for the economic impact of their injury. For most people, this means claiming compensation for time missed at work due to either a temporary disability or for missed shifts due to attending doctor appointments.

Some cases involve long-term compensation for a permanent disability. When this is the situation, plaintiffs can claim damages for any future lost earning capacity.

Get Help from a Porter County Personal Injury Attorney

Suffering through a personal injury is never a pleasant experience, but when those injuries are someone else’s fault—regardless of whether the defendant caused the injuries through an intentional act or through negligence—you have the right to seek compensation for your damages.

A Porter County personal injury lawyer could be dedicated to standing up for your rights and defending you against predatory insurance companies. Call today to see what could be done in your case.