Porter County Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Most injuries are painful and life-altering events. Still, bones mend, cuts heal, and even emotional trauma can subside. In fact, many accident victims are fortunate enough to make a full recovery. However, some damage is so severe that no amount of medical treatment or time will result in things returning to normal. Following these catastrophic injuries, it is essential to understand one’s legal rights.

A Porter County catastrophic injury lawyer could help hold responsible parties liable and pursue the compensation needed to help injured people move forward.  Contact our team of seasoned personal injury attorneys to get started.

How a Catastrophic Injury Could Affect a Person’s Life

A catastrophic injury could happen at almost any time. A driver’s poor decision to text while behind the wheel could cause a car accident that results in spinal cord damage. The maker of a product could use a faulty design that results in severe third-degree burns. Or a doctor could make an error during surgery that results in permanent brain damage.

Catastrophic injuries often have a profound and sometimes permanent effect on a person’s life. Paralysis, blindness, the loss of a limb, chronic pain, and many other physical changes can alter an individual’s ability to work, enjoy time with family, or even live and care for themselves independently.

Any claim for damages following one of these injuries must measure the impact of that accident on a person’s past, present, and future. A Porter County catastrophic injury attorney could help measure how the injury has changed a plaintiff’s life to demand fair compensation from at-fault defendants.

Pursuing Claims following Catastrophic Injuries

Most catastrophic injuries are the result of accidents. Collisions between vehicles and pedestrians, faulty medical devices, or even slips and falls could all cause serious harm. However, whether an injury is classified as catastrophic has nothing to do with assigning liability for the resulting damages.

To prevail in claims for compensation following these incidents, the injured party needs to prove that a defendant’s negligence or intentional act resulted in their damages. Plaintiffs must also remain aware of the state’s law concerning modified comparative negligence. An injured person who is more than 50 percent to blame for an accident cannot collect any compensation, no matter how severe their losses may be. Additionally, if the injured party shares less than 50 percent of the responsibility, the court reduces their award by this percentage. A Porter County catastrophic injury attorney could help establish liability and defend against allegations of shared fault.

Contact a Porter County Catastrophic Injury Attorney Today for Trusted Legal Help

Suffering any type of injury has the potential to impact your life profoundly. Claims following catastrophic harm will demand payments for medical care, lost earning capacity, and lost quality of life. Still, you can only collect fair compensation if you can prove that another party’s actions caused your losses. A failure to do so could result in a reduced or non-existent settlement package.

A Porter County catastrophic injury lawyer may be able to help. They can handle every aspect of your claim, including an initial investigation, gathering and preserving evidence, handling the insurance companies, and preparing a case for court. There is a strict time limit to take legal action, so do not delay seeking qualified legal counsel. Call our firm to get started.