Porter County Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Suffering paralysis after an accident places people in a difficult situation. These incidents will have a permanent impact on your health, ability to earn a living, and your life in general. It is only possible to collect compensation for these losses if you can demonstrate another party’s liability for the incident that resulted in paralysis. Considering the extensive nature of these injuries, this can appear to be overwhelming. While you are attempting to make your best recovery, the time is ticking to discover evidence, measure your losses, and demand appropriate payments from all liable defendants.

A Porter County paralysis injury lawyer may be able to help you during every stage of this process. From performing an initial case evaluation, to gathering evidence, to determining the impact of the incident on your life, a seasoned catastrophic injury attorney is ready to protect your legal right to receive fair compensation.

Situations That May Result in Paralysis

Paralysis occurs in one of two ways. An affected body part may suffer a direct trauma that destroys the nerves, leaving it unable to communicate with the brain. The second cause of paralysis is trauma to the brain or spinal cord that prevents these messages from traveling to the affected body parts.

In both situations, the result is the same. Many victims of paralysis lose permanent use of the affected body parts, while others may be fortunate to recover limited functionality. Regardless, paralysis is always a serious matter that requires a person’s full attention.

This applies when considering a person’s legal rights. Obtaining the payments necessary to set things right requires demonstrating that another party’s actions were the cause of the injury. As a result, a Porter County paralysis injury attorney could help to pursue cases that arise out of:

An attorney could help people connect their losses to the negligent actions of others.

Helping Victims of Paralysis to Collect the Compensation

Paralysis injuries are always traumatic events that have the potential to devastate every portion of a person’s life. As a result, a comprehensive legal claim must fully evaluate the impact of these events and demand appropriate compensation.

The medical costs associated with stabilizing a person’s health will form the core of the case. These may include an ambulance ride, ER care, and surgery. However, paralysis injuries are often permanent. As such, a claim must include an estimate for the costs of all future care.

In addition, the full impact of paralysis will rarely end with physical injuries. In fact, most cases will demand just as much, if not more, compensation for the other ways in which the incident has changed a person’s life. For instance, lost quality of life, an inability to spend time with loved ones, or lost income may all be parts of a claim for payment.

A Porter County paralysis injury lawyer could help place a realistic value on a case. They could also strive to collect these payments within the relevant time limit. Under Indiana Code § 34-11-2-4, this time limit may be as short as two years. Contacting a lawyer as soon as possible helps to avoid this strict deadline.

Let a Porter County Paralysis Injury Attorney Help You

If a person has been struck with paralysis due to an accident, it will take significant pain and adjustment for them to be able to regain a semblance of normalcy in their life. Despite this fact, the law says that you can only collect compensation for those losses if you can prove that another party was to blame for the incident.

A Porter County paralysis injury lawyer is available from McCready Law. Ask us about scheduling a consultation and taking action for the losses you have endured.