Porter County Burn Injury Lawyer

Burns can happen under a variety of circumstances and can cause a myriad of possible injuries. While direct exposure to flames or extreme heat is a leading cause of burns, it is also true that harsh chemicals, friction, and even radiation can also cause them. No matter the precise source of the injury, a party responsible for inflicting that loss is responsible for providing compensation. A person who suffers physical harm, emotional trauma, or lost wages because of a burn has the right to demand appropriate compensation.

A Porter County burn injury lawyer might be able to help the victims of burns to collect these payments. A trusted catastrophic injury attorney could identify a liable party in a case, gather the information needed to demonstrate fault, and demand appropriate payments in and out of court.

The Degrees of Burn Injuries

Burns can be the result of exposure to a variety of hazardous substances and sources of heat. While most people imagine burns as the consequence of exposure to flame, any source of heat generation can cause these injuries. For example, a motorcycle rider who slides on the pavement after a collision can suffer burns as a result of friction.

The Mayo Clinic groups burn injuries into one of three categories. 1st degree burns need little to no treatment and usually do not require a lawsuit. However, 2nd degree burns may require skin grafts and 3rd degree burns could potentially result in amputation. At-fault parties must provide payments for all necessary medical care connected to a burn.

One way in which a Porter County burn injury attorney may be able to help is by measuring the way in which a burn has impacted a person’s life. This includes medical bills, lost wages due to being unable to work, and emotional traumas connected to these harsh injuries. Placing an accurate value on a claim is a vital part of seeking an appropriate settlement.

Proving Defendant Fault for a Burn

No matter the exact source of a burn injury, a plaintiff can only collect compensation if they are able to prove that a defendant was liable. Defendants are at fault if they have a duty to protect others and fail in this duty. Common examples include:

As a result, a driver may be responsible for a burn injury if a car catches on fire following a crash. Product manufacturers may also be liable if their product fails and exposes a customer to harsh chemicals.

In any claim centered around an accident, plaintiffs need to be aware of the state’s rules concerning comparative negligence. According to 735 to the law, courts must evaluate the actions of all parties to an incident and assign blame accordingly. As a result, pursuing a claim for compensation after a burn often requires a defense of one’s own actions while placing blame on the defendant. A Porter County burn injury lawyer is prepared to build a case that places the entirety of the blame for an incident on an at-fault defendant.

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All people who suffer a burn because of the actions of another party deserve to receive compensation for their losses. These may include payments for the costs of all necessary medical care, reimbursement for lost wages, and compensation for any pain and suffering. In the case of burn injuries, these losses may be substantial. More severe burns can cause damage to underlying tissue requiring surgery to correct and extensive rehabilitation.

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