Help, I Got Burned by a Hot Plate at a Restaurant! – Your Legal Options

Catastrophic Injury , Premises Liablity

In order to keep food warm for customers, restaurants typically use hot plates when bringing...

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Hip Labral Tear and Workers’ Compensation

Workers' Compensation

A lot of people are of the mistaken opinion that hip injuries only happen to...

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How Should I Fill in Form CA-17 for Federal Workers’ Compensation?

Federal Workers' Compensation

In order to start receiving compensation as an injured federal worker, you are required to...

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What Happens During Pre-Trial in Personal Injury Cases?

Advice , Personal Injury

Hollywood has spoiled the public with riveting legal dramas which have no basis in actuality....

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A Helpful Guide On How To Find A Good OWCP Schedule Award Doctor

Federal Workers' Compensation , Workers' Compensation

The federal government is mired in red tape, and the federal worker’s compensation branch is...

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