Chesterton Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

Driving in parking lots can be a challenge, whether in a cramped setting or in an open big-box lot. One wrong move can cause significant damage to both you and your vehicle, potentially resulting in losses that hit your wallet hard or even send you to the hospital. If you have been in an accident, obtain a Chesterton parking lot accident lawyer. An experienced attorney could you recover and get the damages you need after an accident.

Parking Lot Liability

Too often, drivers today are distracted by electronic communications. At the same time, other drivers may be ultra-focused on finding a parking spot, and take shortcuts against marked patterns in the lot in order to score a good space. Meanwhile, other cars are traveling in different directions with the same mindset.

Careful drivers, as well as pedestrians, are in peril of being hit by reckless drivers in a parking lot. Fortunately, actions such as texting while driving, aggressive driving, and failure to heed traffic signs and markings may be sufficient to prove civil liability on the part of a driver who causes a parking lot accident.

Pedestrians and Children at Risk

Pedestrians—especially children who dart out from between cars and into the path of reckless moving vehicles—can suffer a fatal injury in parking lots when drivers are not careful. The National Center for Statistics and Analysis (NHTSA) tallied data on child pedestrians, aged 14 and younger, who were harmed by vehicles in non-traffic collisions in 2007. Reversing vehicles caused 99 deaths and approximately 2,000 injuries, and forward moving vehicles caused 106 deaths and an estimated 3,000 injuries.

Causes of Parking Lot Accidents:

    • Drivers adjust their Bluetooth or music settings while backing out of a parking space and fail to see approaching traffic or pedestrians
  • Multiple drivers pull out at one time and attempt to merge into traffic simultaneously
  • Congestion in parking lots creates confusion for a high number of drivers moving at once
  • Accumulation of ice, snow, and/or debris can affect a driver’s maneuverability and ability to stop suddenly
  • Inadequate markings for in-lot traffic movement can cause movement for drivers and pedestrians

A parking lot accident lawyer in Chesterton could review the facts involved in an incident to build a case for liability and assess the value of a claim. In the process, they could gather evidence, work with healthcare providers to determine medical costs, and negotiate with the insurance company in pursuit of an appropriate settlement.

Get Assistance from a Chesterton Parking Lot Accident Attorney

If you find yourself in a parking lot accident, exchange your information, report the incident to your insurance company, and be sure to call a Chesterton parking lot accident lawyer right away. In addition to seeing if you can recover for your losses, a qualified attorney could also help you protect yourself against a personal injury or property damage claim from the other party.

You have two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit for bodily injury and property damage in Indiana, as specified by Indiana Code §34-11-2-4. Be sure to act promptly so that your Chesterton parking lot accident attorney can gather evidence, assess your damages, and effectively pursue compensation on your behalf.