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Thousands of automobile wrecks happen in the Chicago metropolitan area each year. In nearly every case, someone involved in the crash acted recklessly or carelessly.

Even if you know who was responsible for the incident, it can be extremely difficult to get their insurance company to pay out for your financial losses. Numerous legal and procedural obstacles can prevent you from receiving fair compensation after a traffic collision, and a diligent personal injury attorney is essential to overcoming these barriers.

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Proving Negligence in a Car Crash

Like most personal injury lawsuits, claims built around auto wrecks are generally based on the theory of negligence.

In Illinois civil law, someone is negligent if they directly cause another person to suffer a serious injury by acting carelessly or recklessly. By doing so, they violated a “duty of care” they had to behave responsibly under those circumstances.

Drivers owe other motorists on the road the same duty to obey traffic laws and remain focused on the road at all times. Constructing a successful lawsuit or settlement demand for car crash injuries typically requires proving that the collision happened because of a specific irresponsible act. A car accident attorney in Chicago could investigate a case to identify the liable negligent parties.

Types of Negligent Driving

There are several ways that motorists can act negligently and fail their duty of care, such as driving intoxicated or tired, being distracted by their cell phone, or committing a traffic violation. A compassionate lawyer could help prove that someone else caused a Chicago car accident through negligent action.

How Comparative Fault Could Impact Recovery

Dependable legal counsel could assist with fighting allegations of “comparative fault”— which are claims made by a civil defendant that the injured person was partially or primarily liable for causing their injury through their own negligence.

It is essential to be detailed and accurate about contesting these types of allegations since any percentage of fault assigned to an injured person by a court will likely reduce their final damage award.

Additionally, anyone found to hold more than 50 percent of the total fault for an accident is barred under 735 Illinois Compiled Statutes § 5/2-1116 from recovering civil compensation for that incident, even if another party was partly at fault. A car wreck lawyer in Chicago could go into further detail on the role of comparative fault in a given case.

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An unexpected auto collision can happen anywhere: a busy intersection, a highway, or a crowded parking lot. These crashes can have serious and even life-altering consequences for everyone involved.

Navigating the complex legal system in the aftermath of a wreck can be overwhelming on your own. You may find yourself dealing with confusing rules and regulations, or allegations from the other parties involved in the collision.

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