Referring Attorney Testimonials

Here are a few testimonials from lawyers who have referred clients to this office over the years…

Getting a referral from another attorney is one of the highest honors a lawyer can receive. Knowing that a lawyer has the confidence to refer his or her clients for a personal injury or workers’ compensation matter is professionally rewarding. Click here to download our Attorney Referral brochure. McCready Law accepts attorney referrals on the following matters: Personal Injury; Illinois Workers’ Compensation; Federal Workers’ Compensation; and Social Security Disability. To learn about how we pay referral fees on each type of case, simply click on the type of case above.

Michael Lowe, Chicago, IL

Your expertise in personal injury and workers’ compensation cases is invaluable.

Donald MacNeal, Frankfort, IL

The feedback I have received from my clients is that McCready Law has done a superb job. Thank you for making me look good to my clients.

James Taylor, Chicago, IL

McCready Law has handled a wide variety of personal injury cases for me over the years. They are always available to speak with me or one of my clients to see if there is a potential case – no matter the size of the matter.

Jesse Coyle, Webb & Graves, Pinehurst, NC

I referred my client’s Chicago car accident case to McCready Law. My client was happy with the firm and the results. As a referring attorney, I was very impressed in the way they handled the referral relationship.

Daniel Ruiz, Chicago, IL

Their proven track record gives me confidence to refer even cases involving my family members. They have done a great job on all the cases I have referred them. I highly recommend them.

Tom Olofsson, Chicago, IL

I have been referring my Illinois personal injury and workers’ compensation cases to McCready Law for many years. I always appreciate the hard work they put into every case. They are always available to speak with me or one of my clients to see if there is a potential case.

Walter Alvarez, Crown Point, IN

As an Indiana personal injury lawyer practicing near the border with Illinois, I often get clients with Illinois cases. I value the referral relationship I have with McCready Law. It has been very beneficial to refer my Illinois cases to them.

Hugh Davis, Constitutional Litigation Associates, Detroit, MI

Whenever I need to refer a matter to a lawyer in Chicago, I use McCready Law. Their expertise and professionalism is unsurpassed. I can always depend on the firm when referring them a matter.

Robert Callahan, Chicago, IL

They have performed excellently on each occasion, and I would recommend them to any practitioner.