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Recovering from a personal injury is never an easy experience. Under even the best of circumstances, a victim may need to attend doctors’ appointments, miss time at work, and attend rehabilitation sessions. More serious injuries can require an ambulance trip to the emergency room, lengthy hospital stays, and result in permanent disabilities.

Whenever these injuries can be attributed to the actions of others, the injured party has the right to pursue compensation. If you suffer injury due to the negligence or criminal acts of others, a Cicero personal injury lawyer could work on your behalf to hold the responsible party responsible civilly liable for their actions. Contact an experienced attorney today. En Español.

Common Personal Injury Accidents

While the vast majority of interactions with others are not harmful, accidents can and do happen. In certain situations, an accidental injury can be the source of a personal injury claim.

Claims based on accidents usually center around the legal cause of action known as negligence. Negligence applies when one party has a legal responsibility, or duty, to protect others. If they fail in this duty, and the protected party suffers an injury as a result, an injured victim can hold them legally liable for all damage that results.

Common sources of accident cases due to negligence include:

A qualified personal injury attorney in Cicero could help people injured in accidents to pursue their claims against negligent defendants and fight back against aggressive insurance companies.

Intentional Acts

Personal injuries can also result from criminal acts. It is vital to bear in mind, however, that although a singular act such as an assault can lead to both a criminal case and a civil case, the two cases must be tried separately.

This means that even if a defendant is arrested, tried, convicted, and punished, the criminal court cannot order them to compensate the victim. Instead, the injured person must pursue their own civil suit.

Damages a Plaintiff Can Claim

Plaintiffs in Cicero personal injury cases can pursue compensation for any physical injuries that result from the incident. To prove these damages, they simply must present medical records and bills that attribute their injuries to the incident and account for the costs associated with treating that injury.

However, a comprehensive personal injury claim can also demand compensation for the full impact of an injury on a person’s life. This means that if someone misses work because of the injury, due to either a disability or the need to attend doctor appointments, they can claim compensation for that missed time.

It also means personal injury victims can claim compensation for the mental and emotional effects of the injury. If a plaintiff needs to attend therapy sessions to deal with the aftermath of the injury, they can list this as a compensable damage.

Contact a Cicero Personal Injury Attorney Today

On top of seeking appropriate medical treatment and making a recovery, people dealing with the aftermath of a personal injury often need to make arrangements for missed time at work and deal with mountains of paperwork. Furthermore, aggressive insurance companies may pressure unrepresented plaintiffs into signing statements that go against their interests or accept settlements for less than their case’s full value.

A Cicero personal injury lawyer will fight back against these tactics on your behalf with the goal of obtaining fair settlements that encompass all your injuries and losses. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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Cicero is a large town within Cook County, known for its manufacturing sector and its historical association with Al Capone. Originally seen as a center for eastern European immigrants (as evidenced by the beautiful Polish-inspired St. Mary of Częstochowa cathedral on South 48th Court), the area is a diverse cross-section of cultures, with many Hispanic-inspired restaurants and shops. The town’s main roadways are Cicero Avenue, Cermak Road, and 31st Street, with Historic U.S. 66 cutting through to serve adventurous cross-country travelers. Cicero also contains the Hawthorne Race Course, one of the oldest sports venues in Chicago, and home to the Illinois Derby and the Sixty Sails Handicap. The South Branch of the Chicago River and the Stevenson Expressway border it to the south.

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