Cicero Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Injuries from a bicycle accident may cause a person to feel that they have limited options. In many incidents, there are outstanding medical bills, time lost from work, and permanent injuries.

Instead of accepting the first offer from the insurance company, take the time to talk with an experienced Cicero bicycle accident lawyer. A seasoned personal injury attorney could help assess the case and potentially determine which parties may be held liable in court. En Español.

Understanding Bicyclist Rights and Driver Responsibilities in Cicero

The state of Illinois has several laws that are designed to protect bicyclists. According to the Illinois Vehicle Code, drivers are expressly prohibited from opening their car doors into traffic. They are also legally required to close their car doors after their passengers are unloaded. A bicyclist who has been doored or who ran into an open car door typically has the right to take legal action in the state of Illinois. In such a case, a bicyclist may want to document the driver’s license plate and any resulting damage. A Cicero bicycle accident lawyer could help a person prove that the driver opened their car door in an unsafe fashion if the biker decides to bring a claim.

Drivers in Illinois are also instructed to avoid parking or driving in a clearly marked bicycle lane. Additionally, the Chicago Municipal Code clearly prohibits drivers from using bicycle lanes. After suffering a bicycle accident where a driver was illegally occupying space in a bicycle lane, a bicyclist may be entitled to compensation for injuries and medical bills.

Types of Bicycle Accidents

While there are various ways a bicycle accident may occur, it frequently happens in conjunction with a negligent driver of a vehicle. Besides striking the bicyclist with the vehicle outright, there are two common collision types—right hook and left hook.

Right Hook collisions can occur when a driver turns right and hits a bicyclist who is moving in the same direction. Drivers are normally and, in some cases, legally required to wait until the bicycle has passed them or until they are a safe distance in front of the bicycle before turning.

Left Hook collisions may occur when drivers turn left in front of a bicyclist approaching from the opposite direction. According to Section 11-902 of the Illinois Vehicle Code, drivers are instructed to wait until the bicyclist has cleared the intersection before turning left. When they fail to follow these rules, they can be held liable. A skilled attorney could help an injured victim hold the at-fault party negligent for their actions.

Contact a Cicero Bicycle Accident Attorney

After an accident involving a bicycle and a motorized vehicle, documenting the scene of the incident, injuries, and damage to personal property may help establish negligence in court. A collision may greatly set a person back financially and physically. When a negligent driver is responsible for causing a bicycle accident that led to significant injuries, they could be held accountable in the court of law by compensating the injured party.

Call a Cicero bicycle accident lawyer today and set up a consultation. Strategizing with a skilled attorney could be the first step towards alleviating the financial stress of a bicycle collision.