Cicero Child Injury Lawyer

Children like to explore their surroundings, learning through exploration in home, school, and daycare settings, though they often push their boundaries. Consequently, minor scrapes and bumps are a fact of everyday life with a child. Sadly, sometimes children suffer more severe injuries—many of which could have been prevented.

If you believe that your child suffered harm because of somebody else’s mistake, a Cicero child injury lawyer might be able to help you hold the responsible person accountable for their errors. Compassionate personal injury attorneys understand the unimaginable challenges that parents face and the grief that they feel when their child has been injured. Although no personal injury damages award can restore your child to perfect health, a successful resolution of a legal claim could help your child get access to the care they need.

Common Causes of Child Injuries

Unfortunately, kids get hurt in many different ways. Some of the most common avoidable accidents are as follows:

  • Car crashes – Even though parents and caregivers can minimize the risk of harm from a collision by using child safety seats and seat belts, serious injuries can still occur in automobile crashes.
  • Falls – Even if they wear appropriate protective gear such as helmets and pads, children frequently suffer injuries after falling while playing sports or on playgrounds.
  • Drowning – Many young children drown every year, often because they had access to an unguarded pool, opening the pool owner up to a premises liability claim.
  • Poisoning – Children consume or inhale toxic products such as cleaning solutions or medicine every year.
  • Burns – Kids suffer burn injuries from fires and from touching hot surfaces or liquids.
  • Suffocation
  • Birth injuries
  • Medical and surgical malpractice

A seasoned Cicero child injury attorney could investigate the accident that harmed the child. First, they could comb through all available relevant evidence, such as police reports, medical records, traffic reports, eyewitness testimony, and manufacturer’s reports. Next, they could search for the cause of the accident and then identify who was legally responsible. They could then work tirelessly to obtain justice by holding the responsible parties legally accountable for their mistakes and misconduct.

Relevant Time Limitations in Cicero

Families of injured children need to be aware that they do not have unlimited time to file a lawsuit. The state of Illinois sets forth strict statutes of limitations. Generally, in personal injury cases, Cicero claimants have just two years from the date of their injuries to file a legal claim.

Fortunately, Illinois courts treat legal claims involving minor children differently. In cases involving kids under the age of 18 who suffer injuries in accidents, the clock does not start running immediately. Instead, children have to file suit within two years after turning 18. If the case involves medical malpractice or a birth injury, the family must initiate a lawsuit within eight years of the medical injury or before the injured child’s 22nd birthday.

In addition to statutory limitations, there are other reasons to reach out for skilled legal assistance quickly. As time passes, memories fade and people do not remember precise details as clearly. Evidence can also get lost or misplaced, either accidentally or intentionally. Key witnesses can even move away and be hard to locate. Therefore, it could be essential to speak with a Cicero child injury lawyer as soon as possible to achieve a successful claim.

Get in Touch with a Cicero Child Injury Attorney Now

If your child has suffered a serious injury because of someone else’s mistake, you should contact a Cicero child injury lawyer immediately. In addition to your child’s physical pain, your family may also be experiencing a devastating emotional toll. The medical and rehabilitation expenses can quickly become overwhelming. You do not have to handle everything on your own. You deserve help.

A local attorney has the resources and skills necessary to assist you. They know how to investigate and negotiate to secure you the compensation your child deserves. Call us today.