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According to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, dogs are the most common household pet in the country, with a reported 35 percent of households owning at least one dog. However, while dogs may be a welcome source of companionship and comfort, they can also pose a danger and dog bite injuries are unfortunately common. In fact, according to State Farm Insurance, there were 323 reported dog bits in Illinois in 2016, ranking Illinois in the top 10 states for dog bites.

compassionate personal injury attorney offers a wealth of experience and compassion to dog bite victims and is committed to helping them recover from their injuries. A Cicero dog bite lawyer is prepared to answer your questions and address your concerns about how to recover both physically and financially.

Local Dog Bite Laws

Dog bite injuries are generally governed by strict liability in Cicero, meaning that if a dog bites or injures another person the dog’s owner may not be able to argue they had no warning of their dog’s aggressive tendencies. 510 ILCS 5/16, outlines dog bite injury lawsuits in Cicero and holds a dog owner liable for dog bite injuries if an injured person can prove:

  • The dog or other animal attacked, attempted to attack, or injured the person
  • The person had a lawful right to be in the place they were when attacked or injured
  • The dog or other animal was not provoked

Illinois’ dog bite law covers both injuries caused by animal bites and injuries caused by other animal behaviors. To understand how the laws apply to a specific injury, consult a knowledgeable Cicero dog bite attorney who can help determine liability.

Are Dog Bite Cases Typically Settled Out of Court?

Many people want to know if their case will go to trial, or are curious whether it will settle outside of court. There is no absolute answer, and each dog bite case is unique based on the facts and circumstances of the case. A skilled Cicero dog bite lawyer will meet with a person who has suffered an injury due to a dog bite to determine the strength of a claim.

In addition, whether a dog bite lawsuit will proceed to trial will depend on the extent of a person’s injuries and how it will impact them in the future. There are some advantages to settling a case outside of the courtroom that will depend on the unique characteristics of a case. An attorney can discuss the pros and cons of settling outside the courtroom for a specific claim.

Contact a Cicero Dog Bite Attorney for Help

An attorney understands that a dog bite means more than just an injury but often means incurring significant financial expenses and enduring emotional pain and suffering. A skilled Cicero dog bite lawyer is uniquely situated to guide dog bite victims through the legal process of recovering from a dog bite injury. If you have been bitten and seriously injured by a dog or other domestic animal, call today to learn more about how a skilled attorney can help you.

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