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All landowners have a responsibility to protect people who enter onto their land. However, the level of provided protection depends on the visitor’s reasons for being on the property. This key question complicates many slip and fall cases and can leave injured people with few options if they attempt to handle their claims on their own.

A Cicero slip and fall lawyer could represent someone who suffered an injury due to an accident that happened on another person’s property. If you think you may have a valid slip and fall case, a qualified personal injury attorney could work to help you understand your legal rights and pursue appropriate compensation. En Español.

Legal Protections for Slip and Fall Victims

Illinois law requires that all landowners extend protection towards all people who come onto their land. The level of protection given to visitors depends on whether the landowner invited them onto the property. Illinois is one of few states with a law specifically defining the responsibilities of landowners towards visitors.

Under 740 ILCS 130/2, landowners have a responsibility to take reasonable care under the circumstances to protect the visitor from harm. This language allows for a relatively open interpretation of a landowner’s duty to protect visitors. However, the statute specifies that the concept of reasonable care does not include duties to warn about all known hazards, any latent or unknown hazards, or any potential hazards that could result from the visitor’s own conduct.

Duties to Trespassers

The traditional rules concerning protections remain in place for trespassers or any person who enters onto private land without permission. In such a scenario, a landowner must only refrain from intentionally causing harm to the trespassers. This can include setting a trap or openly attacking the person.

Establishing the duty of the landowner to protect a visitor is the key first step to pursuing a slip and fall case. Cicero slip and fall lawyers work with people to examine their reasons for being on the land at the time of the accident and analyze the landowner’s actions to determine if they are legally responsible for the injury.

Potential Damages for a Slip and Fall

Slips and falls can be deceivingly dangerous. Even though a person may only fall a few feet, sudden changes in momentum or direction can have a harsh impact on a person’s body. Common injuries in slips and falls include sprains or strains, cuts or scrapes from hitting the ground, broken bones, and concussions.

Beyond these and other physical injuries, Illinois law states that a negligent landowner can also be held responsible for any mental anguish associated with them. A trustworthy attorney is able to calculate the account for the economic impact of the accident, since many victims of such incidents must miss significant time at work because of the accident, either due to a disability or missing shifts for medical treatment.

Cicero Slip and Fall Attorneys Work for Injury Victims

The slip and fall laws in Illinois are simply written but can sometimes be tricky to apply to accidents. As the plaintiff in a slip and fall case, you must prove that the owner of the premises where you were injured did not take reasonable care to protect you from harm. This is an open-ended definition that examines the actions of both the landowner and yourself as the injured party.

A Cicero slip and fall lawyer could work to analyze every aspect of your case to give you the best chance of success. All slip and fall cases must be filed within two years of the date of the injury, so time may be critical. Call today and let a dedicated local attorney get started on your case.

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