Cicero Bus Accident Lawyer

Buses are a popular form of public transport that many people rely upon each day. As with all motorized vehicles, a bus carries the risk of being in an accident on the roadway. In some cases, a negligent bus driver could be at fault and responsible for the collision, along with any injuries sustained in the crash.

Whether you were on the bus during the collision, a pedestrian, or in another vehicle the bus struck, you may be eligible for compensation. Contact a Cicero bus accident lawyer today and schedule an appointment. An experienced personal injury attorney could help establish a claim of negligence and articulate the negative impact an accident had on a person’s livelihood. En Español.

Bus Accidents in Cicero

There are many factors that can cause a bus accident, they commonly may include:

When attempting to prove negligence in court, a person may benefit from consulting a Cicero bus accident attorney. Pursuing a negligence claim without adequate legal counsel could jeopardize a case’s potential success and reduce the possibility of collecting compensation.

Establishing Negligence in a Lawsuit

States often have different regulations regarding accidents that occur on their roadways. In Illinois, there is a law known as the common carrier law. Basically, common carriers are entities that make profits from transporting people. City buses and charter buses are typically governed by that law. Common carriers are held to a higher standard regarding safety because they receive an elevated level of trust from the public.

For most bus accidents that result in a lawsuit, the injured party’s attorney generally has the burden to demonstrate that negligence occurred. This commonly may involve establishing that a bus driver owed a duty of care and breached that duty. Additionally, they may need to show that the negligent act of the bus driver resulted in the injuries suffered by the complainant.

Compensation in Cicero largely is distributed based on the percentage of fault. Some cases where a plaintiff is revealed to have a shared fault in causing the accident may impact the amount they could receive in damages. This is known as modified comparative negligence.

It is also important to note that, while recovering from a bus accident could take time, the statute of limitations for filing a claim for such an incident is two years. After this time a claim could be barred. A knowledgeable Cicero bus accident lawyer could help avoid time limit issues.

Injuries from Bus Accidents

Bus accidents can result in a variety of injuries that could include:

Some severe injuries may be fatal. When a person’s death occurs as the result of a bus accident, their family or loved ones could potentially file a wrongful death lawsuit. Discussing the case facts with a seasoned bus accident attorney in Cicero could help a person identify the most effective and appropriate legal options for their case.

Learn How a Cicero Bus Accident Attorney Could be Beneficial

Bus accident lawsuits can be complex, as there are many rules and regulations involved when filing a personal injury case. The statute of limitations window begins to close as soon as the accident occurs, which may add another layer of pressure to someone considering whether to file a claim.

A savvy Cicero bus accident lawyer could help address legal concerns and potentially help articulate what compensation you are entitled to. Reach out for a legal consultation today.