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A catastrophic injury can take the form of anything from severe burns and amputation to spinal cord injuries and brain trauma. It is a category as wide as it is devastating, and regardless of what you are experiencing currently, your life may be inexorably changed forever.

While time cannot be reversed, pursuing civil compensation with a committed personal injury attorney could pave the way for financial security and a more positive future. If you or a loved one suffered from a catastrophic injury that is the result of another person’s negligence, contact a Cicero catastrophic injury lawyer to begin fighting for justice. En Español.

Types of Catastrophic Injuries

The common thread between all catastrophic injuries is that they result in permanent disability. In addition, they can create extreme financial setbacks due to costly medical bills. Examples of catastrophic injuries include:

The causes of these injuries can range from motor vehicle accidents and medical malpractice to malfunctioning equipment. While the best course of action depends on the case, it is almost always essential in any situation to retain the services of a Cicero catastrophic injury attorney.

Proving Fault and Compensation in a Catastrophic Injury Case

Individuals suffering from a catastrophic injury due to another person’s negligence must prove so to the courts to recover compensation. In Cicero, this means presenting a case that proves that the injury was less than 50 percent the fault of the injured person.

In cases where both the plaintiff and defendant partially share fault, 735 ILCS §5/2-1116 adjusts compensation based on the fault ratio. For example, if the court determines the injury is 40 percent the fault of the injured person, their maximum compensation would be 60 percent of their total damages.

Compensation is calculated with many factors, such as:

  • Loss of normal life
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Physical and mental suffering
  • Decreased life expectancy

Using the evidence at hand, an experienced Cicero catastrophic injury lawyer could craft a case that presents the victim’s suffering and its causes as accurately as possible. With the right evidence, they may be able to earn them compensation for their injury. Even in cases where fault is partially on the victim, they can fight for the most beneficial percentage of fault relative to a plaintiff’s actions.

Statute of Limitations

According to 735 ILCS §5/13-202, individuals suffering from a catastrophic injury due to another person’s negligence must file their lawsuit in the civil court system in two years or settle out of court. The exception to this rule is if the injury was discovered later than the date of the negligence, although this is not as common in catastrophic injury cases.

Medical Malpractice That Causes Catastrophic Injury

If an individual experiences catastrophic injury due to medical negligence, 735 ILCS §5/2-622 states that they must file an affidavit alongside their lawsuit. This affidavit must declare that the affiant, which is usually the plaintiff’s Cicero catastrophic injury lawyer, has closely examined the case with a qualified healthcare professional.

This medical professional must be:

  • Practicing or teaching in the same area of medicine as the case
  • Knowledgeable about the medical issues relevant to the case
  • Qualified in terms of experience and competence

Not only that, but this professional must agree that there is “a reasonable or meritorious cause” for the lawsuit.

Connect Now with a Cicero Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Regardless of the nature of the pain, you are experiencing and its causes, you always have the option of pursuing compensation if someone else is to blame for the accident that hurt you. Contact a Cicero catastrophic injury lawyer today to get started with this process. The first steps can be hard, but with a compassionate professional vehemently fighting for justice on your behalf, the entire process often becomes much easier to bear.

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