When a person seeks treatment from a physician at a hospital, they expect a certain level of care. When doctors and nurses gamble with the lives of their patients by failing to provide quality medical attention, it could leave someone with serious complications or even lead to death.

A person who was harmed as the result of a doctor or medical practitioner’s negligence may benefit from speaking with a dedicated Cicero medical malpractice lawyer. Depending on the circumstances of someone’s case, they could be qualified to receive financial compensation. An experienced personal injury attorney familiar with Cicero courts could help navigate the claims process. En Español.

Medical Malpractice in Cicero

When a healthcare professional provides subpar treatment, it could lead to a patient feeling confused and frustrated. They may not understand how to proceed or if they have any legal options. In medical malpractice cases, many people consider filing a negligence claim after:

  • Receiving the wrong diagnosis
  • Being prescribed the wrong medicine
  • Being prescribed too much medicine
  • Experiencing errors during surgery
  • Receiving negligent care during pregnancy
  • Experiencing a physician who makes mistakes during childbirth

Injuries resulting from such injuries can easily leave a person unable to work or severely impaired. Medical care is often extremely expensive, and patients typically expect to receive quality care for their financial sacrifice.

It is important to note that in Illinois, a two-year statute of limitations to file for medical malpractice is generally applied. As a result, it may be advantageous to consult a Cicero medical malpractice lawyer as soon as possible.

Malpractice Laws

The state of Illinois also has a law that is called the Affidavit of Merit, which stipulates anyone who is initiating a medical malpractice suit must visit a doctor who knows about the medical issues involved and who is qualified to review the case. The doctor reviews the medical records and may determine whether an incident of medical malpractice took place.

When injuries become fatal, a person’s family could file a medical malpractice claim on their behalf. In some cases, loved ones may also have the option to file a wrongful death lawsuit. For more information about the malpractice laws, consult with a Cicero medical malpractice lawyer.

Talk to a Cicero Medical Malpractice Attorney

Medical malpractice is an occurrence that may permanently impair a person and deprive them of a good quality of life. If you believe that you or a family member has received an injury due to the negligence of a doctor or other health care provider, you may qualify for compensation under Illinois law.

Reach out to a Cicero medical malpractice lawyer to learn about various legal options that could help hold a negligent healthcare practitioner accountable. A knowledgeable attorney could make sure that you work within the law to receive the best outcome given the circumstances. They could also help you visit a doctor to get the Affidavit of Merit before your court hearing. Call an experienced attorney to set up a consultation and get started on your claim.

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