Chicago Boat Accident Lawyer

Chicago is located alongside one of the world’s biggest freshwater lakes. Because of this, it sees more than its fair share of private and commercial maritime traffic on an average day. Unfortunately, not everyone operating a boat is as careful and considerate as they should be.

In the wake of a boat collision caused by negligent operation or maintenance, you may be able to take legal action over injuries you suffered from the incident with help from a seasoned personal injury attorney. For the best chances of getting a desirable case result, seek assistance from a Chicago boat accident lawyer today.

Boating Wreck Injuries

Boating collisions could result from a drunk operator, a mechanical malfunction, or poor weather. More significant is the harm that can result from these incidents. Some injuries can be easily treated with first aid, while others are catastrophic, including:

A Chicago attorney could investigate their client’s boat crash case and help calculate damages for the injuries they incurred.A man in a hat, sitting on a boat

Who Could Be Liable for a Boat Collision?

Much like driving a motor vehicle on public roads, someone operating a maritime vessel in a navigable waterway has a legal duty of care. This requires them to obey all applicable navigation laws and watch out for other vessels and people nearby.

Anyone who breaches this duty and causes someone else to get hurt may be held civilly liable for ensuing damages. A boat accident lawyer in Chicago could explain the process of proving responsibility in more detail during a private consultation.

Vessel operators are not always the only party who hold civil liability for boat-related injuries. Depending on the circumstances, it may be possible to seek compensation from other entities, including:

  • A boating company that hired an irresponsible operator
  • A mechanic or manufacturer who failed to ensure a vessel was in reasonably safe working condition
  • An owner of a marina or dock where an avoidable collision occurred

Getting Around Common Legal Obstacles

Per 735 Illinois Compiled Statutes § 5/2-1116, an injured person may be assigned a share of “comparative fault,” which may reduce total compensation or even deny them damages altogether. Additionally, 735 ILCS § 5/13-202 provides hurt individuals two years to sue the negligent party for damages.

Because of the unique circumstances surrounding a specific injury, it can be challenging to build and file a strong claim within this strictly enforced timeframe or to know when there might be an exception to the rule. A Chicago lawyer could ensure all filings are made on time and help their client prove they did not contribute to their own injuries in a boating crash.

Get in Touch with a Chicago Boat Accident Attorney Today

Collisions between boats can be just as dangerous as traffic wrecks on public highways, if not more so. Just like with motor vehicles, you can demand civil damages from the at-fault party who caused your injuries.

When you suffer harm onboard a maritime vessel through someone else’s reckless or careless actions, you deserve compensation to help make you whole again. A Chicago boat accident lawyer with a track record of case success could help with your case. Call today to schedule your initial consultation to get started.