Who Says Walking Can Be Dangerous?

Few of us think about this very often, because if we did, we might never climb out of bed.  Simply walking can be dangerous. A car could strike you while walking down the street. In fact, people experience about 75,000 pedestrian accidents every year, causing more than 4,000 deaths in the United States. And even […]

Football Concussion Lawsuits

Will You Let Your Kid Play Youth Football? Thousands of parents face that question every year. Unless you reside in the bottom of the ocean, you’ve heard about the concussion problem in professional and college football. Former athletes have filed billion-dollar class-action lawsuits claiming that football-related concussions have ruined their lives by irreparably damaging their […]

Mass Tort Cases

What is a Mass Tort? Simply put, a mass tort is a civil action involving many plaintiffs against a single (or small number) of defendants. They refer to mass exposure of a defendant for their product or actions. Mass torts typically involve pharmaceuticals, consumer products or environmental injuries. Why Mass Torts? The reason mass torts […]

What is a TBI?

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Unfortunately, it happens all too often. You slip on a puddle in your local supermarket and crack your head open on a nearby shopping cart. Or somebody plows into you and, unfortunately, your head smashes into the dashboard. Or, your child plays football and receives a concussion after a helmet to […]

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