Indianapolis Truck Accident Lawyer

As you drive through any big city, it is pretty much inevitable that you will encounter many trucks on your ride. All sorts of trucks spend a lot of time traveling the roads of Indianapolis, including big rigs, delivery trucks, pickups, dump trucks, garbage trucks, tankers, flatbeds, and tractor-trailers. However, with so many large commercial vehicles sharing the roads with smaller passenger vehicles, accidents sometimes occur, which can lead to life-altering and fatal injuries.

If a trucking crash injured you or a family member, you might be able to collect financial compensation in a personal injury legal claim. An Indianapolis truck accident lawyer could help your family come up with a plan with action.

Steps to Take Following an Indianapolis Trucking Crash

After a trucking wreck, people need to check themselves for injuries and see if their passengers or any other drivers or passengers suffered harm. They should call for an ambulance if anyone appears to be hurt. Even if they have no visible wounds, people in a crash should receive a medical evaluation because some injuries, such as concussions, might not be immediately apparent.

In addition to receiving medical help, crash survivors should also report the accident to the police. If they are physically and emotionally well enough, they should try to gather as much information about the crash as possible. As with every other type of motor vehicle accident, they should exchange contact information with all other drivers. In a trucking crash, accident survivors should also make sure to get the trucking company’s name and contact information. In addition to getting the truck’s license plate number, they should look for other important information about the truck, such as its registration number, insurance information, and its model, make, and year.

Accident survivors should try to get contact information from any witnesses and take as many pictures as possible, making sure to take photographs of anything relevant to the crash, such as the damage to the vehicles, road conditions, weather conditions, and skid marks.

Calling a Lawyer After a Crash

Although collecting this information can make a difference if an accident survivor or family decides to pursue legal action, it is not essential to do so in the immediate aftermath. If an accident survivor is unable to gather information at the scene of the crash, they should not give up hope. Instead, they should turn to a seasoned legal team. A dedicated Indianapolis truck collision lawyer could skillfully examine the evidence from the crash to learn how and why it happened, and who is at fault.

Potential Defendants in an Indianapolis Trucking Wreck

Determining who is at fault is relatively straightforward in most automobile accidents. Establishing legal liability is more complicated in trucking crashes. Often, more than one party bears partial responsibility. As with most motor vehicle wrecks, the driver is frequently at fault due to driving mistakes, such as distracted driving, drunk driving, speeding, or other negligent or reckless errors.

The trucking company that employed the at-fault driver could be responsible for their driver’s mistakes, as well as for failing to maintain their vehicle or forcing their driver to stick to an unrealistic schedule. Alternatively, the manufacturer of faulty truck parts could be liable, as could the company that loaded the cargo onto the truck.

A hardworking attorney could help identify the responsible parties and pursue justice for what they have lost.

Speak to an Indianapolis Trucking Crash Attorney

Crashes involving large commercial vehicles almost always cause devastating injuries. Due to their large size, trucks can cause immense harm to people on the ground or in other smaller vehicles.

A seasoned Indianapolis truck accident lawyer could help you by taking charge of your legal claim, allowing you to work on healing, both physically and emotionally. Speak to the legal team today and let them work to obtain you some level of justice and peace of mind.