Michael McCready grew up in Connecticut. He worked his way through college and law school at the University of Richmond. He delivered flowers, arranged landscaping, and even painted parking lot lines. Michael also worked as an on-air DJ at his college radio station. This suited him well, as Michael is quite a music buff.

After spending many years working for others, however, Michael resolved that when he started practicing law he would open his own business. He would help people in his own way, and he would work with individuals, not companies. He also knew would live in or near a big city, but he did not have contacts in any specific location. So, he picked himself up and traveled the country.

After exploring the east coast, the west coast, and some large southern cities, Michael just happened to stop in Chicago. He hadn’t really considered the Midwest as a home, but the minute he arrived he knew he had found what he was looking for. He fell in love with the the friendly, genuine people, and with the diversity the city offered.
Soon after landing in Chicago, Michael also fell in love with a woman he met on a blind date. Denise, who is now his wife, also works at McCready, Garcia & Leet, and she and Michael are the proud parents of six children. When the whole family goes out, they pile into a 10 passenger van they refer to as “The Mystery Machine.” The family does have a sense of humor.

When Michael is not busy at work or enjoying his family, he always finds something to do. “Just because I’m a lawyer doesn’t mean I can’t use my hands,” is what Michael will tell you. Whether it is a fixing a leaky sink or installing a ceiling fan, Michael is not afraid to tackle a new project. It is just his nature to be helpful in any way he can be. He likes to take care of things.

To relax, though, Michael has acquired a few hobbies over the years. He has kept up with his music; in fact, he has over 2,000 vinyl records. His tastes vary from the heavy metal he spun in college to opera, Verdi, Wagner and Puccini heading the list. He is also a wine aficionado – his 250 bottle capacity temperature-controlled refrigerator barely contains his collection. Then, there’s sports. The Bears are his football team, and he enjoys watching baseball and soccer. In fact, he has traveled the world to do so. He went to South Africa in 2010 to see the World Cup. Somehow, he has also found the time to travel to over 25 countries in total.

Michael also loves movies, with his favorites being Goodfellas, The Godfather, and Casino. For actors, his first choice is anything with Leonardo DiCaprio, and now that his oldest son is 11, Michael has a partner in crime for some of his gangster movie watching. Like most well-rounded people, Michael also likes to read. He sticks to business, coaching and self-improvement books, but will indulge in a Dan Brown novel such as The Da Vinci Code.

Add New Page ‹ McCready Law — WordPressWhat Michael is proudest of is his family. He would like to be thought of as “Good at a lot of things, but best at being a husband and a father.” For Michael, professional is professional and personal is personal. He is the real deal. He raises his children to understand the values that are important to him. He treats his clients as he treats his friends.

“Over the years, I’ve done a lot and seen a lot and know a lot and am willing to share that with anyone who’s willing to ask or listen.” This statement sums Michael up perfectly. Whether at work or at play, he is caring and intuitive. He listens, he cares, he shares, he enjoys – and he helps everyone around to do the same.