Marco Serrano

The one stands out thing about Marco that you will observe probably right away is that this guy really loves his native city of Chicago. He truly embodies the city vibe and loves helping people. He completed his undergrad work at Illinois State and graduated from John Marshall law school and is now a treasured team member here at our firm. When asked about what it took for him to decide on career in law, he indicated he knew exactly what he wanted after a law class and a field trip to the State’s Attorney’s office. Though he states he came from a traditional family background, Marco says he always knew he had big shoes to fill. His parents are humble, self-made, and hard-working – no doubt this set a sort of living-template for the type of legacy he also wishes to continue.

Marco is one of those people you can only hope to get into a conversation with. He’s witty, smart, very ambitious – and has oodles of interesting layers to peel back. For example, in addition to loving his work as an attorney, he enjoys writing, public speaking, and is constantly exploring uncommon avenues to grow himself beyond the norm. This well-read polished professional, in and out of the court room, will dazzle you with his extensive knowledge of art and prose. His favorite author is Ernest Hemingway, and his favorite artist is Jean-Luc Godard.

With a diverse set of interests and hobbies, you might find Marco with a pair of boxing gloves on and hitting the heavy bag OR hiding away in some specialty bookstore combing thru possible first-editions to add to his collection. Like most of us, he appreciates his downtime in front of a good TV show while noshing on some of his favorite Chicago-style junk food choices. Other times, he loves to explore new cities or take in a good soccer game. Having traveled to Madrid, he says Spain resonates within his soul.

As an Attorney, you might expect that he has a set of concrete values that are etched into his aura and you’d be right. Marco revealed he developed a keen interest in the concept of right and wrong at a very young age. He understands character development, the need for details, and why integrity matters. Our clients are in amazing hands with this bilingual powerhouse. We, as a firm, are beyond excited to have him as part of our team.

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