Oak Lawn Texting While Driving Lawyer

Texting while driving is generally considered illegal in Oak Lawn. In addition to facing criminal penalties, any person accused of texting while driving could face tremendous liability for injuries caused to other parties as the result of their alleged negligence. If you or your loved one have been injured by a driver texting while driving, a dedicated Oak Lawn texting while driving lawyer could help you pursue fair compensation.

Contact an experienced auto collision attorney who understands the danger of a distracted driver and the risk a person could pose if they engage in texting while driving. Schedule an appointment to discuss effective legal options that may result in compensation.

Local Texting While Driving Laws

Texting while driving could produce catastrophic injuries if an accident occurs. Regardless of age or experience behind the wheel, texting while driving is typically prohibited. Using a handheld cell phone or other mobile devices while operating a vehicle may also be illegal in Oak Lawn. When a driver is found to have been texting while driving, the courts may consider this as evidence of negligence.

Hands-free and Voice-Activated Messaging

Drivers may typically use hands-free devices once they reach age 19. Qualifying drivers may also use voice-activated texting. However, while hands-free messaging is generally legal in Oak Lawn, it may not diminish the liability a driver could face if they cause an accident by operating their vehicle negligently.

Messaging with a hands-free device could still be a distraction and create liability for a driver. In other words, using a hands-free device is not an excuse for drivers to operate their vehicles recklessly. Evidence of texting or use of handheld or hands-free devices could be considered by the court in a personal injury case.

Comparative Negligence Laws

Oak Lawn follows a comparative negligence statute. Typically, comparative negligence may occur when claimants are alleged to be partially responsible for their own injuries and therefore could share a portion of the fault that may have contributed to the accident. In other words, the damages that an injured party could receive from the other responsible party could be reduced by their percentage of fault. However, Oak Lawn negligence law does not always prevent an injured person’s claims if they share a portion of fault. In most cases to be disqualified from collecting damages, a person must typically share over 50 percent of the fault.

The other party may allege that the injured person is most at-fault in causing the accident, but an experienced Oak Lawn texting while driving attorney could work to help the claimant receive fair and adequate compensation after they are injured by a driver who has been texting. Schedule an appointment today.

How an Oak Lawn Texting While Driving Attorney May Help

Regardless of the severity of your accident and injuries, a compassionate Oak Lawn texting while driving lawyer could work with you to obtain the compensation that may help pay for medical bills, make up for lost wages, and cover other losses. You may also be eligible for noneconomic damages, such as compensation for your pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment in life. For help evaluating what your claim may be worth, contact legal counsel.