Collecting Evidence for Oak Lawn Car Accident Litigation

Before filing a car accident claim, an attorney should gather necessary evidence in order to prove liability. A dedicated car wreck attorney will be able to assist you with documenting the facts of your case as well as the impact the accident has had on your life. Whether someone is filing a claim against an insurance company directly or pursuing the claim in litigation, the evidence is essential to prove all aspects of the case. If you have been injured in a car wreck, contact a lawyer who is experienced in collecting evidence for Oak Lawn car accident litigation.

Types of Evidence Gathered Following a Car Wreck

There are several different kinds of evidence an attorney can gather after the car accident. Physical evidence from the wreck may include photos of the vehicles involved or the scene. Carefully interviewing witnesses is also an important part of the investigation. Evidence may also include video footage from a red-light traffic camera. In addition to evidence of the accident, it is important to document the injuries and consequences of a car accident. This may include medical records and exhibits to be used in court. An attorney is usually in the best position for collecting evidence for Oak Lawn car accident litigation.

Importance of Collecting Evidence as Soon as Possible

The process for collecting evidence for Oak Lawn car accident litigation should begin as soon as possible. Without prompt action, evidence may disappear, fade, or become unavailable, which could hurt someone’s ability to recover damages. A lawyer may instruct the injured person to take frequent photographs of their injuries or may hire an investigator to take pictures of the scene or the vehicles involved in the crash. It is important for the attorney to maintain all evidence for safekeeping. Collecting evidence should begin immediately after the wreck and may continue up to the day of the trial.

Steps to Take Before Presenting Evidence in Court

After the evidence is collected, there are certain steps than a seasoned attorney takes before presenting it in court. Gathering evidence is not enough if the evidence is to be used in court. The rules of evidence require certain things that provide the foundation for the evidence. If the proper foundation is not presented, an individual would be unable to use the evidence in court. The foundation for most evidence is easy to establish. For example, to be admissible in court, a photo needs to accurately represent the objects in the photo. With the ease of manipulating digital photos, this is not always clear when proving a foundation. Another example is the foundation for medical records. Usually, there is someone from a doctor’s office who can provide the foundational testimony.

Collaborating With Your Oak Lawn Car Crash Lawyer

It is important that you understand that collecting evidence for Oak Lawn car accident litigation is often a collaborative effort. You and a lawyer should work together when gathering evidence. An attorney may know what they need for the case, but the injured person is often in the best position to obtain or document the needed evidence. The evidence is the building block for a legal case and gathering the necessary evidence is critical to the success of any case.