Oak Lawn Head-on Collision Lawyer

If you have been involved in a serious accident, you may need to consult with an experienced Oak Lawn head-on collision lawyer as soon as possible to help determine the next best steps for you to take. A compassionate car accident attorney can use their knowledge to help establish liability regarding who caused the accident and work towards ensuring that you receive the injury compensation you deserve. Read on to learn more about how a distinguished Oak Lawn head-on collision lawyer can offer you their assistance today.

What is a Head-On Collision?

A head-on collision usually involves a frontal impact to a car. This can result from vehicles crossing the center line and striking head-on, or when one car makes a left turn across oncoming traffic. They can also occur when multi-car accidents push one car into another. Unfortunately, these accidents can result in injuries that are much more serious compared to other circumstances. The type of impact that occurs between two vehicles will ultimately depend on the speed at which both are driving. When an accident occurs head-on, the force from the impact can be considered as if one of the vehicles was traveling at the sum of both their speeds. This can cause severe injuries, particularly in cases where the airbags have issues deploying.

How is Fault Assigned?

Insurance companies determine fault in different ways in a head-on collision based on the factors of each unique case. For example, an accident may be more than one driver’s fault if multiple people were negligent at the scene. If an accident was partially caused by someone’s actions, the insurance company will attribute a percentage of the cause of that accident to them. This is called contributory negligence. If a plaintiff is found to be partially responsible for causing a collision, then the amount of injury compensation they are awarded will be lowered by their percentage of fault assigned by a jury.

Common Causes

Head-on collisions often result from reckless conduct. The at-fault driver may have been texting, intoxicated, or under the influence of drugs to cause the wreck. Each of these instances involves the at-fault driver breaking the law and causing the head-on collision. Dangerous road conditions such as snow and ice can also be contributing factors.

Following Up with a Doctor

Even in a head-on collision, an insurance company may not necessarily pay an adequate settlement. The value of a head-on collision case will be based on the plaintiff’s injuries, which are proven by medical treatment. If a driver in an Oak Lawn head-on collision has no medical treatment, the insurance company will assume that they were not injured. For this reason, medical treatment is the prime factor that will contribute to the ultimate result of one’s case. Contact a qualified injury attorney to learn more.

Working with an Oak Lawn Head-On Collision Lawyer

Gathering evidence in a head-on collision in Oak Lawn is crucial. Investigating the facts can make the difference between a full recovery and a denial by one’s insurance company. After collecting the evidence, an experienced Oak Lawn head-on collision lawyer will work to preserve the evidence and analyze it for further conclusions. A dedicated Oak Lawn head-on collision lawyer will present their claim in the most persuasive way to an insurance company, using help from a professional accident reconstructionist to help prove their case. Reach out to a professional Oak Lawn head-on collision lawyer today for your initial consultation.