Medical Payments Coverage in Oak Lawn Car Accident Cases

In an insurance contract, medical payments coverage pays for a person’s medical bills up to a certain limit. Regardless of fault, medical payments coverage pays medical bills incurred in an accident. Most standard insurance policies provide for $5,000 of medical coverage payments. Many substandard insurance companies offer $1,000 for coverage or may offer none at all.

Medical payments coverage is a small portion of the insurance premium. It is recommended that a person has at least $10,000 and as much as $25,000 of medical payments coverage. If you have any questions regarding medical payments coverage in Oak Lawn car accident cases, contact a seasoned car wreck lawyer.

Important Aspects of Medical Payments Coverage

Medical payments coverage is often an afterthought when purchasing car insurance. Often, people are only worried about liability limits or full coverage versus liability. Rarely do insurance agents adequately explain the importance of medical payments coverage in Oak Lawn car accident cases. Medical payments coverage represents a small portion of the overall premium, but it can be extremely valuable if a person is involved in an accident. It can make the difference in a person getting adequate medical treatment and making a full recovery. It can also affect the ability of a person’s lawyer to make a sufficient recovery on their behalf. An experienced car accident attorney encourages people to purchase high medical payments coverage limits.

How Medical Payments Coverage Impacts Recovery

Often, the availability of medical payments coverage significantly affects a person’s care, physical recovery, and their settlement. Medical payments coverage can pay deductibles and co-payments when a person has health insurance. It can also pay for treatment if they do not have health insurance. Because not all health insurance plans cover physical therapy or chiropractic treatment, medical payments coverage can be used to cover for this treatment. Also, it can be used to get important tests such as MRIs, which may not otherwise be available to a person. Having medical payments coverage could help someone avoid making any medical treatment mistakes in the aftermath of an accident.

Misconceptions About Medical Payments Coverage

There are several misconceptions involving medical payments coverage in Oak Lawn car accident cases. Many people ask if it increases their premium, however, the answer depends on whether the accident is their fault. If the accident is a person’s fault, their rates go up whether they use medical payments coverage or not. If the accident is not a person’s fault, their insurance company does not raise their rates for using medical payments coverage. In fact, the at-fault insurance company reimburses a person’s insurance company for any payments when they make the final settlement.

How an Experienced Oak Lawn Attorney Could Help

When a person is involved in a wreck, it is too late to understand the importance of medical payments coverage in Oak Lawn car accident cases. The time to examine a person’s insurance policy is before they need it. Medical payments coverage is a small portion of the overall insurance premium, however, it is just as important as liability and full coverage.

An experienced Oak Lawn car accident lawyer can explain medical payments coverage before a person needs it. Personal injury attorneys offer free consultations, therefore, a person should take advantage of this by asking a lawyer to review their car insurance policy and specifically, their medical payments coverage.