Types of Car Accident Claims in Oak Lawn

Many accident victims have trouble remembering a time when they were not under constant stress. As they cope with the long-term physical effects of the crash, they are often forced to do battle with an insurance company, all to get the compensation they should have gotten without question. Some victims will be unable to work for months or even years as a result of their injuries, causing additional losses that are all someone else’s fault.

Our Oak Lawn car accident attorneys do everything we can to ease the burden on victims of traffic collisions. We listen carefully to the details of your case and gather all the information we need to begin dealing with insurers and at-fault drivers on your behalf. Call us today to have us take over your case while you concentrate on healing.

Where Recovery May Occur Following an Accident

Our attorneys help drivers, passengers, and pedestrians recover from car accidents through:

Insurance coverage. Victims often pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to insurance companies every year, trusting them to take care of them in their darkest hours. Unfortunately, insurance companies will do nearly anything to avoid paying out claims, including delaying or denying rightful payments for months. They may even send a representative to gather evidence that they will use to deny your claim or reduce the amount of your settlement. Our attorneys know the tricks insurers use to deny payment and can force them to stick to their agreements.

Injury claims. A collision can cause anything from broken bones and soft tissue injuries to back injuries and permanent disabilities. While every injury is different, many will result in a temporary loss of income, and still, others may mean total inability to do the work you used to do. Indiana accident victims can recover the costs of their lost earning capacity and medical bills in court; however, these claims are judged on comparative fault. This means that the amount you can be awarded in court is directly related to your responsibility for the accident—and if a jury believes that you were 50 percent or less to blame for the crash, you are not liable for any damages. We can examine your injuries, determine the cause of the crash, and explain your potential liability, helping you to get the funds you need to move on from your accident.

Property damage claims. Under Indiana law, an auto insurance company is bound to pay either the repair costs to your vehicle or the replacement value, whichever is less. But many insurance companies base the amount you are given on their own repair estimates, shorting victims in the process. We can collect estimates from local repair shops to get fair payment for repairs to your car, as well as reimbursement for the rental car or towing you may have needed after the crash.

Steps to Filing an Accident Claim

Insurers will often send representatives after victims, hoping for a fast, cheap settlement. We can step in to get you full payment for your injury treatment, pain and suffering, and other losses. Fill out our online contact form to speak with one of our attorneys today!