Oak Lawn Failure to Yield Accident Lawyer

While going through the aftermath of a serious collision can be an overwhelming experience, know that you do not have to face it alone. A professional Oak Lawn failure to yield accident lawyer can offer you their assistance by guiding you through the process of filing a claim so that you can spend more time focusing on your own medical recovery. Read on to learn more about how a dedicated car accident attorney could make a difference in your case today.

What Constitutes a Failure to Yield Under Illinois Law?

Failure to yield is defined in the Illinois vehicle code as follows: A driver shall yield the right of way to any vehicle in the intersection or approaching on another roadway so closely as to constitute an immediate hazard during the time such a driver is moving across or within the intersection.

Put in simpler terms, drivers have a legal responsibility to yield in certain circumstances. Failure to do so is a traffic crime that can also be an act of negligence. For this reason, a determined Oak Lawn failure to yield lawyer can assist individuals in pursuing compensation for any injuries caused by these acts.

Assigning Fault

Failure to yield cases are often complicated in determining fault. Conflicting stories, confusing road signs, intersection markings, and a lack of witnesses can all contribute to the difficulty in proving a failure to yield case. Because of this, injured drivers should contact an experienced injury attorney as soon as possible for assistance. A common failure to yield case involves uncontrolled intersections. An uncontrolled intersection is where there are no traffic lights or stop signs. All sides can go through the intersection without stopping. If two vehicles approach the uncontrolled intersection at the same time, one of them must yield to the other.

The Role of Insurance Companies

A failure to yield car accident can be more than one driver’s fault. It can be a combination of both drivers. This is called contributory negligence. Traffic control signs often play a big part in determining liability. It may be a yield sign, a stop sign, or a school zone sign, but these traffic signs will ultimately help determine fault a case. The rules of the road also apply in failure to yield cases and will play a significant part in determining liability.

An insurance company will look at all of these factors when evaluating one’s liability and will use them to determine what settlement to offer to give to an injured individual. In the case that this offer is too low, a skilled Oak Lawn failure to yield lawyer can argue for a more fair package.

Work with an Oak Lawn Failure to Yield Accident Attorney

When a plaintiff calls a qualified Oak Lawn failure to yield accident lawyer to investigate a case, they will carry out several actions to help fight for their compensation. After interviewing the plaintiff, passengers, and any potential witnesses, an attorney will obtain the police report to be used as valuable evidence in the case. They will then photograph the damage done to the vehicles at the scene of the accident and may hire an accident reconstructionist professional to help prove the liability of the other party.

Because liability is often contested, it can be significant to have the help of an Oak Lawn failure to yield lawyer on your side during the proceedings that follow. Reach out to a seasoned Oak Lawn failure to yield lawyer today in order to gain an aggressive advocate for your compensation.