Mistakes to Avoid After an Oak Lawn Car Accident

When someone is injured in a car wreck that is not their fault, they may be able to collect damages. To ensure that you are able to get the compensation you deserve it is essential that you know the mistakes to avoid after an Oak Lawn car accident. To learn more, speak with a seasoned car crash lawyer today.

Admitting Fault at the Scene of a Car Accident

When a person is in a car wreck, their first instinct may be to apologize, even when the accident is not their fault. It is human nature to feel sorry when there is an accident. However, this one of the most important mistakes to avoid after an Oak Lawn car accident. Likewise, if the other driver admits fault, this can positively influence the outcome of the case for the plaintiff.

Police officers usually do not witness an accident, therefore, they must rely on statements of the drivers as to how the accident occurred. In turn, insurance companies rely on police reports to assess liability. For this reason, admitting fault at the scene of an accident can have serious consequences in a case.

Danger in Giving Recorded Statements

Following a wreck, insurance adjusters usually contact the injured person to ask for a recorded statement. It is never a good idea to give a recorded statement to an insurance adjuster. Although a person only tells the truth, adjusters can ask questions in such a way which may hurt their case. Many times, an adjuster contacts an injured person before they consult with an attorney. When a person obtains an attorney, the first thing the lawyers does is send a letter of representation to the insurance company to notify them to not contact the injured person directly. Lawyers know that insurance adjusters only look out for the interest of their company. If an insurance adjuster requests a recorded statement, the person should politely decline.

Accepting a Settlement too Soon

Insurance adjusters may contact a person immediately after an accident and make an offer of settlement. It is never a good idea to accept a settlement immediately after an accident. Once someone accepts the check and signs a release, there can be no additional recovery. It is important to wait sometime before deciding to settle a case in order to understand the full extent of their injuries. It can take time for some injuries to develop and by accepting a quick settlement, the person loses their right to further recovery. Also, it is likely that an experienced personal injury attorney could help the injured person collect more damages than what the insurance adjuster offers.

Contact an Oak Lawn Car Accident Attorney

The right time to contact an attorney after a wreck is as soon as possible. Personal injury lawyers offer free initial consultations and do not charge a fee unless there is a recovery. The sooner a person speaks with an attorney, the better the outcome of their case may be. The lawyer deals with the insurance company on the injured person’s behalf and advises the individual about the process. One of the mistakes to avoid after an Oak Lawn car accident is not obtaining a lawyer right away after a wreck.