Oak Lawn Major Roads Accident Lawyer

Chicago is the third largest metro area in the country and one of the worst areas for traffic. Some may argue this is the result of people’s poor driving habits, but it also stems from the layout of the highways. Most major highways feed into the downtown Chicago area, resulting in traffic delays and also many automobile accidents. Car crashes on highways are a very common occurrence. If you have been injured in a car wreck on a major road, contact an Oak Lawn major roads accident lawyer. An experienced car accident attorney could review your case and help you get the compensation you deserve.

What is the Most Common Road for Accidents in Oak Lawn?

Some Oak Lawn residents take the Stevenson Expressway (I-55) for their commute to work. In addition to the terrible traffic, the Stevenson is one of the areas’ worst highways for traffic accidents. Because of the high speeds of the cars on I-55 as well as the overall traffic congestion, it is imperative to be extra cautious when driving. Accidents which occur on highways generally result in greater property damage, and consequently, greater injury to those involved in the accident.

Dan Ryan Expressway

Also, many Oak Lawn residents commute to Chicago via the Dan Ryan Expressway. On this highway, cars travel at high rates of speed and execute dangerous maneuvers by switching lanes of traffic. In addition to the fact that the Dan Ryan Expressway is one of the area’s busiest highways at rush hour, it is important to drive with particular care on this expressway. For more information about the main roads, contact an Oak Lawn major roads accident lawyer.

The Difference in a Wreck on a Major Road and a Standard Street

All car crashes present the potential for injury to occupants of the cars involved. However, those accidents which occur on highways tend to result in much more serious injury. Cars rarely exceed 45 mph on area roadways, but on the expressways, cars travel at 65 mph and faster. Simple physics says the impact between two objects increases as the speed of the cars increase. Additionally, when driving at such high speeds, cars travel a greater distance in a shorter period of time. Checking text messages at 65 mph can result in a person’s eyes being off the road for the length of a football field.

What Are the Frequent Causes of Roadway Accidents?

There are several common causes of accidents on expressways. First, just like on side roads, rear-end collisions are a frequent occurrence. Traffic may come to a stop due to an emergency in the roadway or just rush hour, and an inattentive driver may not recognize this stopped traffic. Another common cause of expressway accidents stems from reckless driving. Cars traveling at different speeds, changing lanes suddenly, and cutting other cars off are all common causes of expressway accidents. Some accidents result in misjudging the speed of other cars and a driver thinking it is clear to make a lane change when it is not. At such high rates of speed, it is important to drive safely on a highway.

Steps to Take Following a Wreck in Oak Lawn

After an accident on a highway, there are several steps a person should take. First, check on their safety and others in their car. Next, check their surroundings so that they are not in danger of other drivers. Their car may be in a different lane of traffic, facing the wrong direction or even blocking lanes of traffic. This can present a serious additional hazard. The individual needs to move their vehicle, if possible, to a safe location. While a person may think being on the side of the road is safe, be sure that their car is well off the roadway. Even being on the shoulder can be dangerous when other traffic is passing at 70 mph. The person in a wreck then needs to call the police to write a report. After that, call an Oak Lawn major roads accident lawyer.