Oak Lawn Rollover Accident Lawyer

When a car is involved in an accident and the tires leave the ground and the car lands on its side or roof, this is considered a rollover accident. Cars are built to prevent rollover accidents because they can cause such serious injuries. A car that flips and lands on its wheels is also considered to be a rollover accident.

Injuries sustained from a rollover accident could be means to file a claim. Speak with an experienced car accident attorney today. An Oak Lawn rollover accident lawyer may be able to help you seek compensation for damages.

Common Fact Patterns Surrounding Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents are different due to the forces exerted on the occupants. Seatbelts are designed to restrain people when a car is in an accident. However, they are not designed to restrain people if a car flips in a rollover accident. Worse yet is when a person is wearing no seatbelt because the occupants of the car are often ejected. Rollover accidents often include skid marks, tire grooves, or other physical evidence.

A rollover car accident can also involve a single car that loses control and flips. More commonly, a rollover can be the result of a two-car collision. It takes great force for a vehicle to leave the ground and flip over. When cars strike at an angle, it is the most common way for cars to flip. Cars can also roll over when there is an accident and the car leaves the roadway. It is important to investigate and document this evidence as soon as possible. An experienced Oak Lawn rollover accident lawyer can assist with these tasks.

Preventing an Accident

To avoid being in a rollover accident, follow these safety tips: always drive safely, and avoid being in a situation that may result in a rollover accident. Similarly, be a defensive driver. Always be aware of the surroundings and look for other cars that may cause an accident resulting in a rollover.

It is also important to drive safely with regards to the weather conditions to avoid a rollover accident. Another example of an unavoidable rollover accident is a car malfunction. A person has no warning if something goes wrong with their car like a tire blowout which causes a rollover accident.

Finally, if a car leaves the roadway, the driver should slowly bring their car to a stop rather than try to bring the car back onto the roadway. By taking the car onto the roadway too quickly, the driver runs the risk of the car rolling over.

Documenting an Accident

It is important to document rollover accidents. Often times, the lawyer employs an accident reconstructionist. Sometimes, police do the reconstruction themselves. Evidence from a rollover accident disappears quickly so it is important to investigate it as soon as possible. Things such as skid marks, debris from vehicles, damage to guardrails or other structures, and tire gouges off the road are all important evidence in a rollover accident. An Oak Lawn rollover accident lawyer can assist; but even if a person is not ready to hire a lawyer, they should photograph and measure evidence before it fades.

Learn the Benefits of Hiring an Oak Lawn Rollover Accident Attorney

A lawyer can be of great assistance in an Oak Lawn rollover accident. They can investigate the scene, deal with insurance adjusters so the potential client does not have to, and be available to provide advice through the process. The person should be concerned about their recovery and not have to worry about details with the insurance adjuster. An Oak Lawn rollover accident lawyer is also able to direct the individual’s medical treatment and recovery. Contact an experienced attorney today.