Dolton Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

By definition, catastrophic injuries are some of the most severe consequences an individual could suffer as a result of an accident. As such, they usually come with substantial expenses as well as physical and emotional challenges.

When a catastrophic injury occurs due to the negligence of another individual or party, a compassionate Dolton catastrophic injury lawyer could work to hold them accountable in court. While you focus on recovering, a skilled personal injury attorney could work on your behalf to seek compensation for your injuries and losses.

Defining Catastrophic Injuries

Although there is no strict legal definition listed in Illinois state law, catastrophic injuries commonly require the injured individual to receive life-long medical care. They also often keep victims from participating in activities they once enjoyed and may not allow them to return to work. Examples of catastrophic injuries include:

Catastrophic injuries could occur from a variety of circumstances, including some which stem from intentional criminal conduct like assault. However, most catastrophic conditions are caused by another negligent party who fails to conduct themselves in a reasonably prudent manner. If this applies to an injured individual’s situation, the law allows them to retain a Dolton catastrophic injury attorney and seek compensation for their damages.

Factors Impacting the Value of a Catastrophic Injury Case

Since a catastrophic injury usually requires medical care for an undetermined amount of time and a significant alteration in lifestyle, one can expect that the value of a catastrophic injury case will potentially be much higher than that of other types of injury cases. At their own discretion, states can enact limits to the amount of compensation personal injury plaintiffs could receive. As a plaintiff-friendly state, though, there are no statutory caps or limits on damages in personal injury cases in Illinois.

Proving Negligence in Dolton

In order to obtain a successful outcome on behalf of a civil plaintiff, a catastrophic injury lawyer in Dolton would need to establish the presence of all four elements of legal negligence. These include:

  • The defendant owed the plaintiff a duty of care
  • The defendant breached their duty
  • The breach of duty constituted the proximate cause of the injury in question
  • The plaintiff sustained compensable damages as a result of the defendant’s action or inaction

According to 735 Illinois Compiled Statutes §5/13-202, plaintiffs must file a catastrophic injury claim within two years from the date of their accident. If their claim is against the government, they only have one year from the date of the accident. If the claim is not filed within this deadline set by the state’s statute of limitations, an injured person may become ineligible to seek compensation from the party responsible for their injuries.

Seek Help from a Skilled Dolton Catastrophic Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one suffered from a catastrophic injury that might have been caused by another person or party, it might be vital that you contact a skilled Dolton catastrophic injury lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney could answer your questions, evaluate your case, and begin the legal process on your behalf. Remember that your right to file a lawsuit is time-sensitive, so call today to start exploring your legal options. Call us now.