Dolton Burn Injury Lawyer

Burn injuries could leave you with physical and psychological scars, as well as hefty medical bills related to both. They could also lead to medical complications such as infections or organ damage and may even be life-threatening.

In many cases, when a burn occurs, it is due to the negligence of another person or entity. If you or a loved one suffered from a severe burn due to the negligence of another party, an experienced Dolton burn injury lawyer could represent your interests and work to get you the compensation you need.

You may be eligible to receive compensation to pay for your medical bills, lost income, and pain. Consider speaking to a knowledgeable catastrophic injury attorney to learn about your legal options and how to seek justice for your injuries.

Who is Liable for Burn Injuries?

Before a claim is filed, the plaintiff and their attorney need to determine the possible liable parties. In order for the plaintiff to successfully win their case, they must prove that the defendant acted negligently.

Defendant Duty and Breach of Duty

First, a Dolton burn injury attorney would work to prove that the defendant owed a duty to the plaintiff and that the duty was breached. In other words, they must show the defendant acted negligently by not using the standard of care that a reasonably prudent person would have used in the same situation.

For example, when on the road, drivers have a duty to follow traffic laws including stopping at a stop sign. Drivers might therefore breach their duty of care if they speed through a stop sign and hit another individual. They could also breach their duty if they text while driving.

Plaintiff Injuries and Liability

A breach of duty alone does not warrant a lawsuit. Instead, that breach must cause an accident which results in compensable damages to the plaintiff. The plaintiff must prove that their injuries were a direct result of the accident, which in turn caused damages such as lost wages, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, medical bills, scarring and disfigurement, and pain and suffering.

In the context of burn-related cases, individuals could sustain thermal, electrical, friction, or chemical burns. Depending on the severity, burns are classified as first-, second- and third-degree burns, each of which may be associated with different financial expenses and greater non-economic losses.

Comparative Fault and Plaintiff Liability

In some burn injury cases, the defendant may claim that the plaintiff may share some liability for the accident. Fortunately, plaintiffs may still be able to recover compensation even if they do carry some liability.

As per 735 Illinois Compiled Statutes §5/2-1116, Illinois is a comparative fault state, which means a plaintiff’s compensation would be reduced proportionally by their percentage of fault. A knowledgeable burn injury lawyer in Dolton could work to combat claims of comparative negligence in the interest of helping injured individuals recover as much compensation allowable for their situation.

Let a Dolton Burn Injury Attorney Help

To heal physically and psychologically from a burn injury, you may need the assistance of seasoned medical professionals. To recover financially, though, you may need the experience of a skilled Dolton burn injury lawyer.

A diligent injury attorney could help you pursue fair compensation by proving that another party’s negligence was the direct cause of your injuries and damages. If you are ready to get your legal questions answered, call today to schedule a consultation.