Dolton Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bicycle accidents can be incredibly dangerous and have serious consequences if they involve a biker striking a moving motor vehicle, or vice versa. If you or a loved one suffered an injury in a bike accident due to the negligent actions of another, an experienced Dolton bicycle accident lawyer could help. An experienced personal injury attorney could help determine whether another person’s negligent actions or behavior caused your accident. Having the right lawyer by your side could help you seek compensation for your injuries.

Common Injuries in a Bike Crash

While the list of injuries a bicycle collision could cause is virtually endless, any physical damages stemming from a bike wreck could be grounds for a civil lawsuit if another party is responsible for causing the accident. Compensable injuries may include but are not limited to:

It is best to speak to a skilled medical professional following a bike accident to get a full diagnosis of all injuries and receive appropriate treatment. Having proper documentation for injuries may be vital to successfully seeking compensation through civil means, since it can serve as legally admissible proof that those injuries resulted directly from the accident in question and not from preexisting conditions.

Determining Liability in a Bike Accident

Bicycle accidents could occur in a variety of scenarios, and the direct cause of a bike accident is not always cut and dry. As a result, there are many different parties who could potentially be liable for an accident depending on the circumstances. Some of the parties who could potentially bear liability for causing a bicycle accident may include:

  • The entities responsible for maintaining safe and adequate roadways, signage, shoulders, or bike paths
  • An automobile driver or their insurance company
  • The parent company of a commercial driver or bicyclist
  • A third-party bicyclist, pedestrian, motorcyclist, or other party involved in causing the accident
  • The commercial company involved in a bike-sharing or bike rental program

It is best to speak to a knowledgeable attorney to identify the specific person or entity responsible for a particular incident.

Helmet Laws Applicable to Dolton

The State of Illinois does not require most bicycle riders by law to wear a helmet. State law only requires bike helmets for certain types of bicyclists, such as delivery persons and bike messengers. However, just because a rider is not required by law to wear a helmet does not mean the failure to wear a helmet cannot play a role in causing injuries—or more critically, assigning fault for an accident. In other words, the court may consider whether an injured individual wore their helmet when determining recoverable damages from the other negligent party.

If a victim failed to wear a helmet or is otherwise found partially liable for their own injuries, their recovery of compensation would not be barred so long as they do not bear a majority of the total fault for the related accident. However, their recoverable damages would be reduced in proportion to the amount of fault the court determines they bear.

Talk to a Dolton Bicycle Accident Attorney

Whatever the circumstances of your bike accident, a skilled Dolton bicycle accident lawyer could work with you to understand the type of damages you may be eligible to seek and pursue the compensation you need to move forward. For more information or to schedule an initial consultation, call today.