Dolton Truck Accident Lawyer

Although all traffic accidents are dangerous, accidents involving semi-trucks or tractor-trailers can be significantly more dangerous than collisions involving smaller vehicles. If a truck driver or trucking company’s negligence caused an accident, you may be able to seek compensation for the injuries and harm you sustained.

When truck drivers or companies fail to exercise the level of care necessary and injuries occur due to that failure, it is possible to hold responsible parties accountable with of dedicated personal injury attorney help. A Dolton truck accident lawyer could provide additional information regarding negligence claims and help you determine if you have a viable truck accident claim.

Truck Accident Causes and Contributing Factors

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there were over 100,000 truck wrecks in 2016, many of which resulted in devastating injuries. Many factors may potentially contribute to errors by truck drivers on the road.

Truck drivers who have driven for too many consecutive hours or taken a Schedule I substance may swerve into other lanes or fail to notice abruptly stopped traffic.

Distractions such as electronic devices, eating, or shift cargo within the vehicle could also lead to a truck crash. Even something as simple as changing road or traffic conditions could lead to a collision. Any of these behaviors may amount to negligence in a legal claim.

Assigning Negligence in Dolton Crashes

Truck drivers may not be the sole negligent party in a truck accident. For example, there are special rules and regulations that apply to cargo loads and the maintenance of trucks and trucking equipment. If a truck manufacturer, trucking company, or loading company provides an unevenly distributed cargo load, jackknifing and collisions could occur.

Large tractor-trailers must also be properly inspected to ensure all parts are in good condition. If the truck involved in an accident had an uneven load or bald tires, a failure to exercise care in vehicle maintenance could lead to legal liability for multiple negligent parties. There could even be a defective product claim.

With so many possible competing factors, anyone involved in a truck accident may wish to have a truck crash attorney in Dolton investigate their particular situation. A skilled lawyer could help potential plaintiffs pinpoint the errors or omissions which may have led to or impacted the crash that caused their injuries.

Common Compensable Truck Wreck Injuries

Truck wrecks can result in a wide range of injuries. Soft tissue damage may occur when tendons or ligaments stretch suddenly and forcefully—for example, if a large truck collides with another vehicle and causes a severe jolting impact.

Head, neck, and back injuries are also common in accidents involving 18-wheelers. These injuries can range in severity. While some injuries may be resolved with treatments, some injuries may become permanent.

Accident-related medical expenses, such as the cost of treatment, hospital stays, and surgeries, may be recoverable in a legal claim. Collecting these damages can be complicated, but a dedicated Dolton truck accident lawyer could gather medical records and bills to evaluate the strength and quality of a claim in Dolton.

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Truck drivers, like other drivers on the roadways, have a duty to operate their vehicle in a safe manner. If you were in a collision with a truck driver or hurt by a trucking company’s negligence, you may benefit from a consultation with a Dolton truck accident lawyer. Call today to get started on your case.